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Restoration question,...Top Upholstery..

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  • Restoration question,...Top Upholstery..

    Rusty Nelson and I are trying to figure out "locktite", "split hidum" and "wire-on" as well as "edge binding" as to were they go, which cars?
    How are they used? Is there a book,...or did I miss it in the JS's...?

    The pictures of these are in the JS's on page 9-3 of the 2016 revision...


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    You probably don't want to hear this, BUT Vermin has NO raingutters, only HIDE-EM-WELT! Looks good & no one ever criticized them. ("Maybe" they jist felt SORRY fer me?)
    Pathetic Willy Bill


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      DJ, might be best to e-mail Marco and ask him. I have often wondered also, but did not want to seem the fool. I honestly can say the interior and top terminology baffle me. Since that stuff will be near the last of my restoration I have not even begun to figure it out. Possibly report back if you get an answer we can get our minds around or atleast know where to look for these details for our body styles. Thanks Rod
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          Does this help anyone? bindings3.jpgbinding2.jpgBinding1.jpg


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            Mark, that's an amazing job of getting the grain of the welt to match perfectly to the angle of the top material.


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