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  • Known Dangerous Parts for Judging

    This question stems from the other thread about reusing an original wiring harness for competition. Gary Karr brought up the point that I had mentioned about an old original harness being a fire hazard. Are fine point cars forced to use original parts for judging, even though they can be a life threatening item? Two items that come to mind at this moment are the fan blade and the wiring harnesses. I realize that each may be an overall small deduction, but who wants to lose any points. Since this seems to be the case, can someone help me understand why.
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    The standard states to the best of the clubs ability how the car rolled off the line. yes there are exceptions,points of contention etc., but it is the best information available. there is no requirement that any of it is followed.. except the 13 (14?) Points required for blue point judging. don't want to old wiring, dont. don't want an original fan, don't. points will be deducted. move on.

    A well done car with minimal repop will score in the 300s-360. nothing to be ashamed of. 400 point are doable with more effort.

    Take the standards, look closely at your car, if you are honesty with the evaluation you will have a very good idea of where you will score.

    Remember the vehicles are scored against the standards, not each other. all cars start with 500 points.

    When I was on the mafca jsc, I got tired of hearing about unsafe fans. I recommended changing the original fan requirement to "metal two blade propeller fan as original. Reproduction fans would have a point deduction". this was accepted by both clubs with modification. it had zero effect on the number of fine point cars entered. so the complaint wasn't about the required original fan, but was an excuse not to enter fine point.


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      I do realize what the manual requires and the point deductions that will be taken if it is not followed. My concern was bodily injury or loss of property VS points loss. As Gary stated he hoped not to find his car fried one day. As with anything sometimes an incident is what it takes to change things.
      Thanks for your response
      4~ Tudor's
      1~ Coupe

      Henry Ford said,
      "It's all nuts and bolts"

      Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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        I've been thinking (dangerous). many times I've heard 'it's my car, I'll build it my way'. the standards are just that, a written standard of how the car was built. it does not state that you have to do it that way. at the same time, you can't change the past. The standards are a recorded history. Allowing full points for modern wiring, aluminum fans, reproduction rubber parts, fan belts, batteries, on & on is unfair to the Marcos, Garys, and previous high point restorers.
        I know that I won't have an original battery, wiring, and muffler. I also know that I will have 3 to 6 points removed. if I was of the opinion that the fan I have wasn't safe, I wouldn't use it, and would have more points deducted. i don't want someone else saying I have to use it or I can't use it. still if thats all the points deducted, its a 490 point car. im good with that. it is my decision. My car, built my way. Clubs arent and shouldn't be involved.

        I have enough problems worrying about myself, I don't want to take on others worries. I was going to join a black powder 'club' one time. went to the range, and saw a guy that had two empty beers and half of another on his bench, pouring pyrodex out of the can down the hot barrel of a hawken with a cigarette dangling from his lips. I turned on my heel and didn't go back. His gun, his way. I wouldn't do it that way but it's none of my business...



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          That guy would be off our range in a heartbeat.

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        I believe that the fuse for safety is allowed in fine point judging with no deductions. The aluminum fan is also allowed but with a small deduction . Norm


        • Mark Maron
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          Actually all safety items are allowed in fine point if done tastefully...

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          Mitch you will now have to work on your car in Val's dining room.

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        I put up a good original fan several years ago. I had another one on a B waterpump, but in my attempt to remove it from the shaft the pulley bent. My bad, it was siezed to the shaft much worse than I anticipated. As for wiring I would take the point deductions. Rod
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          A Model A will NEVER-NEVER-NEVER be as it was on the SHOWROOM FLOOR!!!!----Just WISHFUL THINKING
          KDad LAFFING:rolling---(Gotta' go "P")


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            May never be as on the showroom floor...but that makes a great goal.


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              Doc K once told me it doesn’t need to be old, just has to fool a judge.....


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