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Hood and hinge paint chipping concern

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    Hood and hinge paint chipping concern

    I hope to assemble the hood panels and mount the doors on my 29 phaeton in the near future. I painted the hood panels separately and painted the doors off the car, so there is some paint between hood tubes and the two halves of the hinges. I am concerned about paint chipping on the ends of the hood tubes and the hinges where the the halves meet one another. I have heard that using a file and carefully removing the paint between the hood rod tubes at the top of the top panels and between the inside parts of the door hinges. If I do that, it will leave unprotected metal that could rust. I don't want to have rust streaks on the hood or door hinges in the future. If someone had the same concern as I do and found a good solution, would you reply as to how you did it and the results, especially preventing rust.
    Rusty Nelson

    Hood top paint assembly concern 1.jpg Hood top paint assembly concern2.jpg Open car hinge paint concern 1.jpg Open car hinge paint concern 2.jpg

    Hi Rusty,
    I took and used the file to ends of the hood hinges before any painting was done. This allowed for some build up of primer and paint. I have not had any cracking or chipping of the paint over the past 14 years.


      If you kept the spray gun nearly square to the face of the panel you shouldn't have an issue unless you got primer buildup in there and never knocked it down. Generally, it's primer buildup that chips. I avoided that on all edges, holes, etc.


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          Dave in MD,
          It is too late to do what you did. Is seems that the only way, at this point, is to lightly file or sand the ends of the hood tubes on the top to eliminate or reduce paint chipping. Doing it your way seems like it would be good, but too late for me.

          Thanks for the link to how other people dealt with the issue. Sanding the tube ends like Fred93 did, appears to be the best solution, since the hood is already painted.

          I plan to use SS rods and oil the rods well when I assemble the hood panels. Hopefully that will help to eliminate or reduce paint chipping along with removing excess paint on the tube ends. The oil should help with potential rusting problems. Since the top panels to the louvered lower panels tubes are hidden when the hood is closed, paint chipping shouldn't be a big problem.
          Rusty Nelson