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Trying to determine a build date for my 1931 Deluxe Tudor.

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  • Trying to determine a build date for my 1931 Deluxe Tudor.

    Bought it in 1978 and drove it for a few summers than took it down to body and frame and boxed everything up.
    Car then went into storage (in pieces) for about 30+ years. Restoring parts now as time allows.

    Some details:
    Frame number is A4515098. Engine probably built 3/31/1931
    Indented firewall
    Pretty much all the parts changes made by ford in May and June of 1931 were on the car.
    Some of the changes that the RG show as starting July of 1931 were also on the car.
    Specifically the new design rear body block
    reinforcement boss on rear bumper cross brace
    and formed wire brake rod return springs
    So my question is can I, for National judging, use a July 1931 build date since this is
    technically a tad outside of the 3 months allowed for 1931 engines to be placed in cars?
    I know this is “nit-picky” but after having three cars judged in National shows, I know the judges
    themselves can be a bit “nit-picky”. And actually, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    Body blocks and brake return spring are as I found them on the car.
    Cross brace has been sandblasted and is now in primer.

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    An early June build is not much out of line. If I were building for fine points I would consider making the small changes to make it a June 1931 build. But based on the parts I might go with July and take my chances although it seems like a stretch. Close call either way. Most would give the advice of not making the judges have to overthink the parts on the car. Rod
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      As a national judge i will tell you this for your sake and knowledge have a JULY CAR....Reason I say so it a couple of factors. Your engine being built on the last day of the month which happened to be a Tuesday...Then the engine had to be moved to the shipping area, loaded and sent to its destination. Allow probably 2 more weeks or even 3 weeks at times. This now takes us into Mid April...You engine obviously sat at its destination due to the fact you have told us you have JULY Parts on the car.. they could NOT have had those parts in April or May...BUT might have in late June & we know definitely in July and then on. Your car like my roadster is at a transition period of the assembly line and the latter date of that is the most accurate for your build.. Give is credit for the fact that as we judge and look at your window card with the identification on it we know about the 2-3 month assembly process and this is what makes us NOT over think it....However if you indicate June i guarantee some people will dock you for a later part on a June car....Your a July build...go with that your good!...Mark
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        Thanks for the responses. Looks like a couple of options. Going with Mark on this one as I am positive the July parts were on the car when I removed them.
        Will be asking a few more questions about some parts for this car.



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