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Body to frame webbing and rubber pads

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  • Body to frame webbing and rubber pads

    What's the consensus here on body to frame webbing? I picked up a package today from a local vendor that was in a Vintiques bag, does not have the asphalt coating. I can coat them, that's not a problem. Henry's makes a spray on primer that looks like it might work. Here's another doubt I have with it and it is narrow compared to the original webbing I took off. My webbing measures 1-3/4" wide.

    My rubber pads between the frame and the body are original and the bag of pads I got were packed with a "Mike's" label in with them. Are these correct? Not all of my original pads were the same thickness. All of the Mike's are the same thickness and all appear to be molded. Originals were not molded and they were tacked in place. Now I doubt I will ever be able to get my car judged, but it would be nice to know correct from incorrect. I'm only going to use these temporary and when I restore the body then I hope to have the correct pads by then. Also in the bag of pads, there are twice as many as needed. I would think if you needed to use a double thickness somewhere you have a problem with the frame and or the body. They'd take away points for that?

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    Many are making their own pads from conveyor belt material. The soft rubber of the pads sold by the vendors are pretty much useless for fine point cars. I do not remember right off what thickness of material should be used but plan on making my own even though the delivery will not be in fine point judging. I am sure someone will have the correct thickness of belt and answers to your other questions. Rod
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      Rowdy, I was out lookin around this morning for other things coming up this weekend. Dropped by Orchard Supply and found in their hardware section what they called grey diaphragm material. It's actually black and is a perfect match in thickness and composition compared to pieces of my original rubber pads. The item number is OSH-2065621 The price is $2.89 a square foot. It is in a sheet 18" x 48" and they cut to the size you need.

      Now I just need to find the correct webbing 1-3/4" wide.


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          Dennis, according to my notes from 12 years ago the thickness was 3/16". I beleive it was Marco that stated the internal cotton webbing of belt material that can be bought today is different than original. The pads that are sold by the vendors are not the same dimensions than original. If I would have been wiser when I first got into the hobbie at the age of 13 I would have saved some originals for patterns. At some point I will be looking for the pads from a 29 tudor sedan to trace and make the pads for the delivery. Very disapointed in the repops both in material and shape. Rod
          "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


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            I'll take some comparison pictures later today and post them so everybody can see what I found. Thanks Mitch, on the welting from Bratton's. I couldn't remember without going back through a stack of receipts where I bought floorboard welting from. The floorboard welting was the same size, tacks were too big. So I carefully cleaned up the old tacks and reused them.


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              Getting back on the rubber pads under the wood blocks on my early 29 Tudor here are some photos and dimensions. The original long pads under the front of the body, measured with a dial caliper, are .140" thick. The new material I found is also .140" thick. All of the other original pads were .200" thick. I went back down to the hardware store to look for a thicker piece and they didn't have it, so for now to get my body back down due to other events I'm going to put a thin piece they call 1/16" thick with their 1/8" and laminate/glue together so i'll be getting the same thickness that was under the body as original. I might adjust to fit space in front with the thin material just to get the body to sit even pressure on all mounts. This is temporary for now and I plan to go back later check frame to be straight and adjust from there. With a new piece of thin material and new thick piece they measure .200" same as the old pads. The last 2 images are to show the internal webbing of the original and new rubber, original both sizes are single layer with small tight woven fibers, new rubber is larger fibers and 1/8" is 2 ply. Notice how much the mid and rear pads were compressed. All of the original frame webbing and rubber pads I tried to salvage as much as I could. Also notice the tacks used to hold the pads in place to the wood blocks. Comparing the Mike's molded pads to my original pads, Mike's look very close to shape and size. So I am going to use the Mike's for a pattern for now.
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                I came across this original body block and pad 1930-31. Interesting to note is that the pad is made up of 2 layers 1/8" thick each, held together with 2 steel rivets with 5/16 heads. (arrows point to rivets) The pad is 2.25 x 4 inches. Rubber has cotton reinforcement
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                  Here is something that might help you along:




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                    Notice that the body mounting pads have a cloth layer sandwiched between the two rubber layers . Some of the conveyor belt is very close to the original . Norm


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                      I have shared with many that McMaster car has belting material that resembles correctly and has been given full points in fine point also.
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                        Originally posted by Mark Maron View Post
                        I have shared with many that McMaster car has belting material that resembles correctly and has been given full points in fine point also.

                        Can you post a photo to compair?




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