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Rad shell crank cover finish

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  • Rad shell crank cover finish

    I was looking at my radiator shell crank cover and find it has a 'textured' finish. That is it does not have a smooth polished surface. I check a couple of others and they are the same. I believe they were likely not very polished, probably just stamped out and riveted in place.

    Can anyone shed some light on them?


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    Mine was originally nickel plated, but is mostly rust now.


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      Mine is 31 so it is stainless. I guess I should have added that, but I have never had any 28-29 stuff.


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        Polished stainless in 30-31 Nickel in 28-29
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          I never saw one with the textured finish that you mention
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          • Mark Maron
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            I think that texture is finish bubble or rust...LOL

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