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Were the door latches painted body color?

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  • Were the door latches painted body color?

    My 1931 truck doors are due for some attention. I have to slam them shut. There are also some rattles.
    I received some new door hardware in my recent Brattons order.
    The door latch on the door, and the plate around it... were they body color? I’ve seen them left the metal silver color they come as, I’ve seen them painted black, and most commonly I’ve seen them painted body color. How were they from the factory?


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    Most photos in De Angeles book, the Ford Model A ,show body color except some station wagon bodies or commercial vehicles. Had a similar rattle issue, though due to misalignment of doors to body and hinge pins.


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      What color were the commercial vehicle plyfor?


      • pAAt
        pAAt commented
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        Great question ! I'm also waiting for this response.

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      "Door latches were installed before the body was painted,
      so they would be the body color (including screws). The
      nickel plated door dovetails and fasteners were installed
      before or after painting and therefore could have been
      plated or painted body color."


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        Thanks Mike.


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          Vermins' NEW latches from Brattons, were TOO PRETTY to paint!


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