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  • 28-29 popout

    While not in the standards I believe the popout bezel was 'square' in profile till mid to late 28 (top) and rounded over after that (bottom). opinions?
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    My re-pop bezel, that Dick did, is square. I'm going to send it back because it has no number. The others have the rounded edges. May be Maffi or Doug may know..
    It is interesting.


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      Hmmm...repop. may be, I don't remember having a 'square' one on a later popout. could be. this one is numbered, but the stamp is weak due to the re-plating. I'll have to check the font used. Cal Allen did the rebuild on this one.


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        All of the originals I have had were beveled. This includes the one that I bought with the bannana end cable. While I am not certian the cable was original to the switch. Rod
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          Just looked at the repop on brattons. the show square on the 28-29 and rounded 30-31. now I am wondering...


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            Originally posted by Jim Mason View Post
            Just looked at the repop on brattons. the show square on the 28-29 and rounded 30-31. now I am wondering...
            Would it be more accurate to say 28 to mid 30, when the speedometer changed from oval to round?
            I believe the switch and cable length changed at that time, didn't they?


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