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Powerhouse generator question

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  • Powerhouse generator question

    Have any of you found a 3 brush powerhouse generator with a side adjustment bracket like mine? Field coils all original for 3 brush, screws never touched. Adjusting bracket screw also have never been removed or added. The generator is now on this late March or April 1929 car. 3 brush powerhouse with adj bracket.JPG 3 brush with adj bracket.JPG
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    I’m not so sure that is original, but I’m sure one of these other guys that have a lot more knowledge will chime in.
    I know our Power House doesn’t have anything like that, but the alternator that we removed had a bracket just like that.
    Will be interesting to see what else is said


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      I have 2 just like that, one was total toast and I turned it into a hidden alternator and the other is as seen, bone stock.
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        Yes, it is original...I have one also.



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          I don't follow info on those too much (a person can't be everywhere!), but it's worth remembering that any such items that don't seem to conform to what we've been able to document for USA production just COULD be a Canadian variant. Check that out. I'm thinking that one variant had a unique rear cover.


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            Interesting. It is a P-3 with a P-2 adjusting arm bracket. I can't say that I've ever seen one.


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              Originally posted by Gary Karr View Post
              Interesting. It is a P-3 with a P-2 adjusting arm bracket. I can't say that I've ever seen one.
              I think I have one in my collection. It was interesting when I was looking over the ones I had and noticed that...let's see...what should of been on a 5-brush body, was on a 3-brush body...some senario like that. It must of been a "transistion" type body.



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                Will look at mine on a warmer day, but sure I have one or two also. Rod
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                  I have several in garage and I think more in my trailer..


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                    There are some decent discussions in the archives. Type powerhouse in the search box, and look below at the related threads. Tom W talks about the bracket in one of them
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