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the only nice bearing used in the model a (I think)

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  • the only nice bearing used in the model a (I think)

    Where was it used and when?


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    That bearing looks familure. Rod
    "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


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      It reminds me of the multiplate throw out bearing, but this one looks too thick with 2 rows of ball bearings.
      I'll have to look at my multiplate bearing again.


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        It is the multi plate throwout


        • Rowdy
          Rowdy commented
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          I had to buy that one from the Aussies. Actually bought 5 of them and would have bought more at their price. Sold it to Jim at cost for helping me sort out things with the rdstr pu. Rod

        • Rowdy
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          I got a lead on aquiring more of these. Details when I hear back. Rod

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        Is that the elusive "Muffler Bearing"?
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          ALL bearings are made NICE, by NICE people, using NICE machinery.
          Bill Nice


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            VOLVO means "It Rolls"---Originally, they were a Ball Bearing Company!
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