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    In Section 1 (Engine Compartment) and Section 4 (Undercarriage) of the Standards, the paint schemes per part are spelled out.
    Now we go to Area 7 (Brake System) and very little is told about the individual brake parts being a specific "black" color.
    Can you please tell me what parts are:
    1. Satin Black
    2. Semi-gloss Black
    3. Gloss Black
    I just can not understand why Ford had so many different "black" schemes.
    Thank you.

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    Thank you for all your previous technical articles.

    The three different 'shades' of black come from the era materials used then and how they where applied, difficult to re-create today with 'modern' materials in our garages.

    I prefer hard evidence such as factory photos and parts books. Study closely the chassis photo in the 3rd Edition Paint & Finish Guide found on page 15 (plus partials on p.16 & 17).



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