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    FYI, a few years back I created a quiz generator program for RG&JS areas. See links below. By now the pages look a little dated and stoic, but the information is sound. I tried to get some interest among fine-point guys, including some judges, but got apathy and non-communication instead. So I shelved the project. I'm throwing it out now to hear your thoughts.

    Sample quiz pages:

    EDIT: 5/31/2017, added another quiz page for area 5.
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    Ray White
    - 1929 Sport Coupe
    - 1929 Closed Cab Pickup

    Model A Technical Trivial Quizzes:

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    What are you trying to accomplish with these quiz programs?


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      Originally posted by Pickupman View Post
      What are you trying to accomplish with these quiz programs?
      To make it fun and easy to learn the RG&JS.

      The quizzes were a way for judges and participants to learn and prepare for annual meets. They could help new apprentice judges learn the content. They could be used to brush-up and reacquaint with forgotten details. They could entice new owners into the world of judging contests, or simply provide another avenue to learn more about Model A's. Mostly, quizzes appeal to geeky guys that want to challenge themselves and dig a little deeper. I see virtually no value for the mainstream casual owner. It's just for geeks.
      Ray White
      - 1929 Sport Coupe
      - 1929 Closed Cab Pickup

      Model A Technical Trivial Quizzes:


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        when I get time I will try it without looking in the bible:.. it looks like fun

        thanks for posting it
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        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
          Editing a comment
          i passed !!

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        Can someone post the correct answers. We have these quizzes at our club meetings


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          Originally posted by Johnnymo View Post
          Can someone post the correct answers. We have these quizzes at our club meetings
          You can keep changing your answers until you get all the correct answers. Then look them up in the RG&JS to make sure.
          Ray White
          - 1929 Sport Coupe
          - 1929 Closed Cab Pickup

          Model A Technical Trivial Quizzes:


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            I thought I would do better. I think my score would have been better if it were judged on the 2011 revision. The only question that got me confused was #5. The picture shows 4 types of snaps, the second paragraph under tool bag says there were 4 types of fasteners but the answer was 3. ??????? It's a trick question LOL....:.. Great quiz. I guess my future does not have me judging which is wise. Now I have a task to update my tools.
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              If you want to get the correct answers: Click on -check your score- and put a dot on all the colored answers. Your wrong answers will be corrected on the screen.


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                The pictures of these are in the JS's on page 9-3 of the 2016 revision...

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