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Red Radiator Hose

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  • Red Radiator Hose

    Hey folks, i need a picture of an ORIGINAL RED radiator hose please. Lets see one or send me a link where to see one...thanks all

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    I still disagree that they were original to production. Not that it proves anything one way or another but I've never seen an original one on a low mileage car. i have seen gates brand red hoses that were era correct. id like to see a picture also.


    • Mark Maron
      Mark Maron commented
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      myself and brent also feels they were carry overs from T's. I have a picture also ill post next

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    Original Red Hose?????? Hmmmmmm


    • Jim Mason
      Jim Mason commented
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      That looks like the gates hoses ive seen. Construction and color(least on this screen) looks 'right'. I can be convinced, but haven't been so far.

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    I never really paid any attention to this particular and important detail until a few years ago. There should be some senior A'ers on the VFF that would remember whether they saw factory red hoses from when they were doing restorations in the sixties and seventies. A lot of A-parts and surplus stuff was abundantly around at the swap meets back then. It was the early brass car parts that we had on our parts list, that stuff was flying out of the swap meets. If any one can solve the hose mystery - my money is on Mark - just tell him the red hose had the Ford logo on it! lol You're awesome Mark - PLEASE share with us what you turn up. p.s. my dad had a shop full of A-Z, however, he went to the neighborhood auto parts store and bought hose and gasket material and made his own. It wasn't about the money for him, it was just how he did it.


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      Found these in one of my files.


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        All I have to do is cut the wire off both sides, and it will make a perfect filter for the top hose.

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