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  • 30 & 31 coupe a pillar

    Did the factory weld the a pillar to the subframe after riveting together?

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    Mark I can't give you a positive answer for the a pillar, but I know Ford did use spot welds for some of the body to sub frame connections.
    Maybe me posting will jog someone's memory :-)


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      These are not spot welds. Appear to be stick welds at the rear of the pillar, on top of the "foot' and out to the top of the subframe. I have 2 bodies with the same treatment. would be the same for tudors , CCPU & others with all metal bodies I think.


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        look at my 30 Tudor wood thread in the tech section. I may have some other pics than what's posted
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          Having salvaged many Model A's in the last 30+ years I have found Ford increasingly used welds in different forms the later in production you go. Rod
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