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    I was discussing the judging processes with a local Model A owner and we were mainly concerning our discussion to my plans for the engine. Since I only plan having the delivery judged once, then changing the transmission to a 39 and adding a down draft 97 carb my debate is whether to use the engine on the stand right now that has numbers in the acceptable range for judging. Then change to my number matching engine with oversized valves, counterbalanced crank, lightened flywheel and Stipe IB330 cam when the transmission swap. With a stock head and carb, how would this engine perform in the start and idle? and do the judges remove the flywheel inspection cover to see the lightened flywheel and V8 pressure plate? The engine on the stand right now will not cost a lot to get to get it back to good running condition and should hold its value to sell if needed for some of the money for the other engine. Just curious as I do not mind changing engines, but not sure I want to spend the money on both engines. Rod
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    Ya know what I would do, I would swap out the engines since the judges don't ask for title to verify the engine to title numbers match.

    I think this would give you the start/idle required, besides, after the judging you are swapping everything out anyway, may as well get the current engine all dialed in to the new bell housing and trans and you can get that done while going for that one judging.

    You can also get that new intake dialed in too.

    The judges don't get a screwdriver to loosen screws. so unless YOU open the inspection plate, who's to know? Do the judges remove the carpet/mat and the floorboards?

    I think all they can do is lay under the car to visually inspect.

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      I would put the numbers matching engine in now, as it will run fine with the upgrades on a stock carb,, etc etc.

      nobody will know about the flywheel

      my preference is to pull the rear to get to the trans on a fresh pristine car.
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        No we do not. REMOVE anything at all. We don't look at your flywheel of course.
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