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    Bill, had the same thing happen to my PT after I replaced the MAP sensor and unhooked the battery to clear the fault. Took me 100+ miles and 5 trips back to my smog guy to get it to pass. Glad I do all the cars at the same smog guy, he knows me yearly!

    Have I mentioned I
    HATE cornfuzer driven cars?
    VFF Recruiter

    "We do not stop playing because we grow old;
    We grow old because we stop playing ...
    NEVER Be The First To Get Old!" Pilfered from the MAFC SA Newsletter


    "Why so Serious?"


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      So glad we dont have any tests here. Altho our stickers are 101 bucks a year....


      • Tom Wesenberg
        Tom Wesenberg commented
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        Jesse Ventura got our lousy smog checks removed when he was governor. Antique tabs are once and done forever. I suppose some jerk will see another cash cow and get that changed too. Taxes are high in the Twin Cities.

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      Our taxes are SO HIGH, we can't AFFORD to DIE! NO Funeral money I tole Cindy, "Whin I die, jist lay me in the street & wait fur the Curb Trash pickup, its all "FREE"--LOL---YEA, sure, & if you don't DIE, there's also "FREE LUNCH"--somewhere????
      Two things are for SURE, DEATH & TAXES, which comes first???? They tax you to Death & then add TAXES, to bury you, can't WIN!!!----Jist tellim' "I left my wallet on the kitchen table, with some "MAD" MONEY in it, but pay Samuel, the Gardener, FIRST!!! Or I'll come back & HAUNT you, bastard!
      KDad Pissyandgoingtobed
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        Bill, I have developed much respect for you from half a world away, in so many ways. Your outlook on life is fantastic. Your humour cracks me up, especially how your name changes with every thread. Making this call almost tops everything else because, although it's hard for anyone, you're a CAR GUY! I went through the opposite with my mum and it was a nightmare. Stop driving, hoon around on that 18mph scooter for sure, but don't ever leave here! Your insights and recollections of how things are, were and should be bring me a smile every day.

        Hoogah Humble


        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
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          BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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          Those are the NICEST things ANYONE ever said to me, you made my DAY! I try to keep life simple & funny, I even joke with junk callers & ask them to get a REAL JOB, before I come over & kick their ASS!
          KDad Threateningandserioussothere!

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        My thoughts about: "I'm "thinking" of giving up my Drivers' License & selling my LAST Vehicle, a 2004 Dodge Kadota, with ONLY 28,000 MILES on it.
        PLEASE, share your thoughts about this!
        KDad Afoot"

        My thoughts are that all of us and every single one of us at any age and at any stage in life could have these very same depressing thoughts that "possibly" one day we may be too feeble to drive ..... too helpless to enjoy the late autumn of our days; hence, we should try to live every day considering facing these horrible "possible " facts.

        However, has that "exact" feeble day arrived yet for me or for you? Not No ...... but Hell No!

        In my opinion, life is a horrible bitch only for those weaklings who have chosen to give up ....... if you keep moving, nobody will bury you ..... stay strong, keep your driver's license, truck and dog and keep posting on Model A Forums to light up the lives of the oppressed and depressed ....... you have a purpose in life that every compassionate Model A owner loves and appreciates .... "life" and eternal happiness was made to be everlasting ...... why screw it up get rid of the very last few things you adore and possibly later become so depressed you may not even want to visit all of us on Model A Forums ?

        Please stay up front advising the engineers in the Locomotive ...... when one gives up and moves rearward to the Caboose, just one more step and you are off Life's Train.

        Hope this helps.


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        Originally posted by BILL WILLIAMSON View Post
        I'm "thinking" of giving up my Drivers' License & selling my LAST Vehicle, a 2004 Dodge Kadota, with ONLY 28,000 MILES on it.
        PLEASE, share your thoughts about this!
        KDad Afoot
        My mother stopped driving a few shortly before she went into a nursing home. One on of her last trips, I was in the passenger seat, and she was doing 50 in a 35 school zone. I told her to slow down, and asked why she was going so fast. She said that she could only see what was far away, and wanted to get there before it changed! Did I mention that she was Polish? Soon after that she gave the car to my brother, and took the geezer bus.


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          Bill if you can convince your Gov-mint that you are an illegal when you die you will get a free funeral.

          If you are an American Veteran who served his country and maybe was even a combat vet, you are SOL they won't pay squat.


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          Typical American Old Time Rural Local Folks Who Never Gave Up:

          My 96 year old next door neighbor/cousin was still driving at 96 when he died.
          At 91 or so he asked me to drive him with his board of directors about 150 miles away to go look at an additional boiler to run his factory business he started in 1918.
          After his car was loaded with his elderly staff, I got in his old stick shift Chevrolet and tried to put it in reverse.
          The stick shift would not move above horizontal so I continued to try to push the stick shift upwards.
          As he sat in the passenger seat he looked at me commented, "What are you doing?"
          I told him I was trying to put his car in reverse.
          He responded, "You had it in reverse."
          I told him with my 1951 Plymouth .................... mine went "all the way up."
          He smiled and responded .............. "Yes, when I was your age, mine went all the way up too!"


            BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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            Mine still goes ALL THE WAY UP, without VIAGRA, even, who shall I choose, to accommodate me???---OH, sorry, I jist discovered that we were discussing the Reverse Shifting position, on a '51 Plymouth----Same as on Chiefs' '49 & '53 Plymouths!
            Bill Confused???

          • Terry, NJ
            Terry, NJ commented
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            Bill, I'm really sad about your decision to give up driving! Or anyone else's too! My father's cousin did the same thing after he passed out walking to his truck one day, at age 93! I really thought Les was indestructible. In his younger days, he once lifted the back end of his AA off the ground. He could carry two 5 gal buckets of eggs, one in each hand, or carry a stack of slates up on the roof of his huge barn and fix the roof. It seemed there was nothing he couldn't do. But this time, he couldn't stop himself from having a blackout, and as he himself said, "What if i'd been on the highway?"