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  • Rear End

    If you jack up the rear end with car out of gear and rotate a tire back and forth how much free play is acceptable? I tried a search but came away confused.

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    There is really no spec on that and yes it will be sloppy. What are you trying to check or diagnose?
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    • carolinamudwalker
      carolinamudwalker commented
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      tire rotational play, I have about 1 inch free play. Club members are replacing ring & pinon gears but I suspect there are some self interest at play and some scare tactics by local mechanic. Color me suspicious.

    • Mitch
      Mitch commented
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      You have to check the backlash on the ring gear directly. Rotating the wheel wont tell you squat. Something does sound fishy

    • BRENT in 10-uh-C
      BRENT in 10-uh-C commented
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      Guys, the backlash that you are mentioning is probably not the ring gear, -but is more likely the differential (Spyder) gears.

    • Mitch
      Mitch commented
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      Brent I think we are all on the same page with that.

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    Not sure which free play you mean?

    Up and down with the wheel to check axle bearings, then you shouldn't have more than a couple thousandths, but back and forth (rotational), you will feel a lot of play from the spider gears.


    • Mitch
      Mitch commented
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      Good point Tom, I was thinking of rotational play and not axial from his description but you never know.

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    You can’t judge it by holding one wheel and then the other .
    You can really only judge the hub/bearing wear and outer axle condition and threads outside of disassembly . I’ve done in excess of 150- axle rebuilds and you really can’t judge full wear until it’s apart . Just that simple.
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      There is a lot of self interest going on out there! And a lot of mis information! Just to illustrate, I was talking to someone today about grinding the head of my backhoe's Cummins 4 BT engine and this citizen was trying to tell me that it had some hardened inserts and had to be cut on a milling machine. This goes against everything I ever did as a toolmaker. We ground the hard stuff and machined the "soft" stuff. Got the head to the machine shop, and mentioned it to the owner. He laughed and said no, he had done plenty of them and ground them all. That was crazy! The point is, that maybe the guy just didn't know when he told you about the wheels. He was going by what someone had told him. Having just rebuilt a rear end, it's a long, complicated process, Lot$a Hour$! I was using a new, not broken in, gear set and the ring and pinion were positioned to have about .006 - .010 of backlash. And since this is near impossible to measure, you just have to go by feel. What is the radius of a ring gear? 8" say? I believe a Mod.A wheel is about 30-31" in diameter or about a 15" radius. The backlash is going to grow significantly with the 15" over 4". Myself, I wouldn't worry about it.


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        I think what he is saying and what I have noticed, with the rear jacked you grab the wheels and turn it back and forth and you feel that slight inbetween of gears meshing. At least that's how I take it.


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          As Tom mentioned, he is feeling the slop in the spiders.
          Almost any era car will have this, it is normal


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            Thanks everybody, that's the answer that I was hoping for.(leave it alone) Damn, I did not intend for this to go to the top of the page. SORRY
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              Concur with the guys ... you are going to have gear and spyder slop, that is normal .
              Unless you are hearing noises, doing a restoration, axles look ok on thread ends, and/or installing an overdrive which you already have I believe I wouldn’t worry about it till something arises . Agree with Tbird , Beauford, tom and the gang.


              • BNCHIEF
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                I agree with what Larry agrees with but then I am a agreeable guy.

              • Larrys40
                Larrys40 commented
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                I agree with Steve because he is always right and has such an awesome knowledge . I called him last week while working on a zipper distributor unit on a house call and he had all the answers. Steve, thanks for all you do for us here in the VFF! Your the best !

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              If you put a Q-TIP in each ear & rotate one, will the other one rotate, also?


              • BNCHIEF
                BNCHIEF commented
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                Probably in my case yes.

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              I need to clear up a bad post. The local mechanic that I referred to is not our club mechanic. That was a poorly worded post and I apologize for the confusion.


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