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T vs. A drag

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  • T vs. A drag

    Not the best video you'll probably see today but related to us nonetheless.

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    I wonder what is wrong with that model A, that the race was so close? 2 spark plugs not connected?
    Eastern Connecticut


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      The Model T is a 2 speed automatic, it took time for the A driver to shift.
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        Originally posted by DaWizard View Post
        The Model T is a 2 speed automatic, it took time for the A driver to shift.
        Good point, but I can shift faster than that, and if I was in a race, I would start in 2nd gear.
        Eastern Connecticut


        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
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          The guy driving the A timed his car using the nurex wrench

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        Scary finish to the race. Old hooligans never grow up! . Jeff
        Twiss Collector Car Parts


        • Mitch
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          Very true. Many have been killed racing on the streets that way. I’ve seen it first hand and was dumb enough to do it myself years ago

        • JDupuis
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          I've never raced a vehicle
          I could never afford to fix it if it broke, so I never chanced it.

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        I raced my 40 ford at the connecticut dragway in 1965. I dont race it anymore, just drive it carefully.
        Eastern Connecticut


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          I used to street race. My 74 Plymouth Duster got a 383 transplant with modifications I worked hard to afford. Ran 2 Carter AFB 650 carburetors and a pretty radical cam for a dailey driver. Won alot of races with it. Also took it to the strip once and it ran a 10.82 quarter. Still it was the 2nd or 3rd fastest car on the streets of North Platte on a typical Saturday night. On afew other nights it was likely the 5th or 6th fastest. In a railroad town in the 80's you never knew what might show up on occasion.

          Dumb of me to race or spend that kind of money on a car while still in high school. Worked 3 jobs along with school to do it. Should have put the money into other things.

          Loaned the car to my sister one night and she was late starting to head home. Her boyfriend ran it near wide open for 14 miles and spun a main. Did not have the money to fix it. Sold some of the goodies off of it and the car was crushed while I was in tech school. Rod
          At some point in time standardization was a creative idea.


          • Bikerider58
            Bikerider58 commented
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            Boyfriends or brothers...lots of testosterone and little pea brains has destroyed many great vehicles.

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          I use to street race also. Raced snowmobiles, and cars, now do hill climbs. I still like to race.


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