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Question on Evaporust Soaking

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  • Question on Evaporust Soaking

    For anyone who has used either 911 or Evaporust, how long do you leave it in your engine to soak before flushing it out?

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    The bath will turn completely black and will not perform. Also the specific gravity will change from 1.042 to 1.085.

    I would leave it in as long as it’s still effective.

    Then flush it as shown in the tech forum and refill with antifreeze promptly

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      Before using, I used a concentrated cleaner / degreaser for a few days. Then I back flushed the block and radiator to remove the big rust flacks.

      I left the engine stuff (Thermocure made by Evaporust) in for a week. Drove it the first day and the last. Flushed again after draining.

      Afterward, I soaked a rusty washer, but the treatment was fully used up.

      How rusty is the engine?


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        Not that bad, but I wanted to ensure the engine block is clean.


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          It honestly depends on how rusty to start. Put in a really badly rusted washer or some other part in the same bath as the engine and when that is clean the block should be.


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            911 took 90 years of rust from the inside of my tank in two days. Jet black! Now nice and gray inside!


            • copgib
              copgib commented
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              What was the chances of 911 eating a hole in the tank?

            • Beauford
              Beauford commented
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              Well if you have that bad of rust I am sure it will. if it is solid on the outside I would go for it! You will see it coming out if there are pin holes that have rusted.

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            Evaporust isn’t an acid! It will not eat solid metal, I’am sure 911 is about the same.


            • Bikerider58
              Bikerider58 commented
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              Yes, both use same process. 911 is concentrate. I have used both.

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            I may use Evaporust in my gas tank also then to flush it out. Hugh


            • Mitch
              Mitch commented
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              It certainly would not hurt

            • Beauford
              Beauford commented
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              It is wonderful! Best technician in a jug out there!! (Evap or 911)

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            For the record, we use the R911 concentrate diluted and fill in the water jacket area to soak. We generally leave it for about a day.

            Now the question for y'all to contemplate is what do you do about the scale which is the bigger problem? The surface rust will always be there and that is what Rust911 & Evaporust is effective at dealing with. Soaking in the bacteria does help dissolve the outer layer but it is the scale that keeps the water from dissipating/transferring the heat away from the metal. My blaster is really only effective in removing what it sees. Then the next question is how effective or clean does the block actually need to be? The bulk of the heat is carried into the head thru the chamber roof, and maybe the upper ¼ to ½ inch below the deck's surface. If you notice, the lower portion of the cylinder wall does not even have any water jackets to transfer heat into.


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