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removal of glass B-160 rear doors

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  • removal of glass B-160 rear doors

    I tried to search but no luck,
    I am sending my doors out for paint and want to remove the glass and cranks and such. Must the glass be forced from the track at the bottom? the felt tracks side need to come out at the same time?

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    I don't have a Fordor, but would it be reasonable for them to come out the top like the front doors in my Tudor?


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      On the S/W you need to roll the window down and unhook the window channels at the top and pull the channel up and lean toward the inside of the car. Then as you roll the window up tilt the window toward the inside of the car and the window comes out the through the opening. As the window gets to the top you unhook the window channel from the riser.
      Here is another fordor thread!!
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      • richsfords
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        thanks mitch, all my side felts are glued in so it will be a task, will the window crank have to be unscrewed? to do this.

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      Yes as stated ; however, the window cranks and door latches usually don't need to come out. The arm from the crank mechanism has "rollers" on the ends that pop out of the lower window track slot/ hole position when raised. The felts are retained by clips top and bottom without adhesive and pass thru the door jambs where the latches are. After the paint cures, use tape and or other means to protect it at the body window openings when re installing the glass.
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