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Jan '29 Tudor on a March '31 frame

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  • Jan '29 Tudor on a March '31 frame

    Hello all. My plan is to replace the sagging weld repaired frame with a straight unmolested March 1931 frame (frame number is visible). I understand the radiator mounting pad height were changed, cowl body mount bracket was moved rearward and this frame has the rear body brackets in place. This frame I have has the service and emergency brake cross shafts which are in good shape. With this info and a perfect world straight forward R&R? Thanx for the assistance in advance.

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    The only real problem I can foresee you having is hood and radiator alignment. You will need to raise the radiator uP to get the right results, and if you don't take a rubbing of the frame number and register it using the number on the motor, I see no other problems. Naturally, there could be body mounting hole relocations, but that is easily done.
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      Thanx *****, I'm gonna keep the e-brake to the front of the gearshift, but I will 4sure reach out when I start this swap. Good to see you here also.


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        I've wondered about doing something like this but never did because I didn't know whether I would use the 28/9 hood or the 30/31 one and whichever one I did use, will it fit at both ends? That is, Is the shape of the radiator top and the top of the cowl the same?


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          I think the hood and cowl and shell all need to be the same year, 28/29 and 30/31. The cowls are different, and since the shells are longer on the 30/31 I think the hood could also be longer on the front panels, though I have not measured to be sure.

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