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  • Cadium plating

    Can someone recommend a cadium plating service and post some pictures of the finished product?

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    I've "SIMULATED" Cad Plating with DULL Alujimum spray & a "WHISP" of Satin Clear!
    Dad Fake


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      Originally posted by BILL WILLIAMSON View Post
      I've "SIMULATED" Cad Plating with DULL Alujimum spray & a "WHISP" of Satin Clear!
      Dad Fake
      I tried the Eastwood cadium paint, looks like silver paint to me.


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        check out Three J's they have done great work for me in the past, and are located in IL

        Three J's Industries, inc. is a world-wide provider of Metal Finishing Services located in Elk Grove, Illinois.
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        Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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          That works for me. Thanks Mitch!


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            Get ahold of Dan Bixbie. I do not have his contact info handy and time to head out the door for work. So no time to dig for it. Rod
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              I "FAKED" Cad Plating on the Calipers & misc other parts on a '59 Jaguar Mk-9 & it won FIRST place in a PRESTIGIOUS Jaguar Show. The main trick is using the DULL Alugimum spray (IF you can still buy it??)
              Bill Fake


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                Ask Tom. Seems he got a do it yourself kit and posted on the other site? Someday I am going to order one of those for myself.


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                  I just did a search on the other site for many of the pictures I had posted, but the sleezeballs at photobucket have taken them all down.
                  I'll have to see if I have any good pictures on my current computer, otherwise I'll have to take more.
                  I bought the Caswell kit called "Copy-Cad" and it is really a zinc plating kit, but looks similar to some cad.
                  If you have a bunch of parts to do I would go with the big guys, such as the platers Mitch listed in Illinois.

                  I just found this picture and it has a couple covers I plated.

                  Switch Twolite.jpg
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                  • Dennis
                    Dennis commented
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                    My bad. I thought it was cad but I was wrong.

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