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Stop Burning Ignition Points

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  • Stop Burning Ignition Points

    I've seen lots of miracle gadgets, but this is a new one for me. It goes in series with the primary of the coil.

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    Gee, just reading the title of this thread reminds me of my Father as kid telling me to turn off the ignition or you can burn the points... Thanks Tom, those times working with late Father on cars were fun..


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      I dunno. I have never had a problem turning off the ignition.


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        Interesting. Seems like probably just a resistor. The write-up cracked me up, especially the part about dipping the stripped wire is solder.


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          The points in my '55 F250 would oxidize all too frequently. The condenser was the correct one. Miles' electrical teacher from resto college had told the class to use a diode in series with the feed wire to the dizzy. I tried it, and have not had an issue with the points since. That was 7 yrs ago. None of my other vehicles has ever needed this.
          Maybe our chief electrical guru on the forum can help me to understand why this works


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            This device is to help prevent heat damage to the contact points by reducing the inline voltage to them while in use.
            Not so much if you left the key on
            3 ~ Tudor's
            Henry Ford said
            "It's all nuts and bolts"

            Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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