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  • Horn help

    Hey guys I had my horn hooked up and no matter what I do it will not work so I am looking for another horn. Could someone recommend to me a horn model and where to buy it. Looking for guys that bought one and has great sucess with it. Thanks Hugh

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    First show a picture of your horn. Most times it doesn't take much to make them work.

    I always use original horns and find them on ebay and at swap meets. My 29 Tudor had a chrome JC Whitney horn on it, and it actually was one of the best sounding horns there is. I sold it on ebay and bought an original horn.


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      Tom I believe my horn is a JC Whitney horn also. I want to install a original Ford model or same design. Hugh


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      Thanks Mitch


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      • aok
        New auxilary horn button
        by aok
        Had problems with my horn, replaced it with a new one from berts, worked well but.
        Horn kept blowing when I drove.
        Not a purest so replaced original horn button with a aftermark button.
        Horn works 😀.

        09-13-2020, 11:23 PM
      • copgib
        Horn Removal
        by copgib
        While working on my Model A today I read in Les Andrews red book to take the only screw out of the back of the horn to disconnect the wires for removal. Well I tried to do this, but that screw just turns and will not come loose so I can pull the back off the horn. Any suggestions or will I have to start in the front and work my way to the back to take it apart? Any suggestions would be apprciated....
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        Model A horn and traffic
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        Have any of you heard how a model A horn sounds at 45-50 mph? I have had 2 close calls recently, One when a guy was coming into my lane and I had no place to go, the other in a parking lot with this jerk just backing out without looking and depending on a horn to warn him. Again I had no place to go because car behind me. I want a truckers air horn with a foot switch, any ideas?
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        Sparton Horn Issues
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        I drive my roadster during the winter in FL. It is always in a workshop with two dehumidifiers running so I am not getting any rust or mildew. I noticed last winter that the horn was sounding a little sick, but did no investigation. Now I find that when I push the horn button it starts to sound a little like the horn but pretty weak, and only for about 2 seconds. If you hold the button on, it just...
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      • Tudor31
        Ahooga horn in trouble
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        Somebody called himself a knucklehead. Well. here is another one. I have had problems with the horn on my 31 Tudor and have been taking the back cover of multiple times. The last time I guess I didn't tighten the screw enough since it come off while I was out driving. Yes, you guessed it, the cover came off and the car behind my ran it over making it into a flat piece of metal. So, here we go....
        05-31-2018, 08:31 PM
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        Need help with horn
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        I have a 28 Tudor that was refurbished by my wife's uncle, now since passed, so I don't know much of the history of this car. I was trying to clean/lube the horn per Les Andrew's book, but it looks like the unit is sealed and can't get it completely apart per the book. Could this be some kind of after market horn? I've attached pictures. If it is an aftermarket, how do you lube -- or does a horn...
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      • Big guy
        Spartan Horn. What is this?
        by Big guy
        My horn wouldn't work. Gotta have a horn, it's part of the driving experience. So I removed the cover and cleaned and oiled things up. I was able to get intermittent sound but not when I replaced the cover. I searched posts and read some Andrews articles. This thing was in the way and made it difficult to install the cover so I removed it and the horn works like a champ.
        What is this thing?...
        06-27-2020, 09:30 AM
      • Jamey E
        Horn won’t work
        by Jamey E
        I need help with a horn issue, not on Jesse’s car, but on a buddies. His horn worked until his starter was replaced. Now horn will not work. There is constant power at the horn & it has an aftermarket headlight & horn assembly on the steering wheel. Anybody have an idea??
        03-20-2020, 05:52 PM
      • Leo
        Sparton Horn of Unknown Origin???
        by Leo
        This is a Sparton I believe, it stands 13 inches high, the opening of the bell is 4 inches and the ID tag (not readable) is on the horn projector and not the cover, see photos.
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      • Captndan
        by Captndan
        6v horn on a 12v system. Will a ballast resister do the trick?
        06-04-2019, 02:48 PM