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Leak at the rear of the engine and not the rear main?

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  • Leak at the rear of the engine and not the rear main?

    I remember in the past this being brought up and I think it was George Miller that commented one of the bolts holes near the camshaft at the back of the block goes through. Well the last time I forgot to seal that bolt when I put it back together. And yes she was a leaker. I also discovered the hole on the left side above the crankshaft journal goes through. So it's sealer for both of those bolts.
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    Yes flat and no cracks that I can find. I used some dye to test with. I checked the circumference and face runout. All within .002", that shouldn't have anything to do with the leak. I removed the inspection cover when it was in the car, running and or shut off no evidence of oil leaking from the main bearing. When shut off it would drip from the housing, not much but enough to be annoying having to always throw something on the floor under the car.
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      Yes they will leak by the threads. Most of the time the head of the bolt with mate with the housing so they will not leak. But some times it is a little rough there and they will leak. It is best to put sealer on the threads to be sure. Also put sealer on both sides of the gasket at the camshaft, best to be safe then sorry. They will also leak oil around the rear main bolts some times. I know some do not believe this but that is ok. They will have the leakers not me.
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        Same here George. I know where it was leaking and what to do to fix it. Like you said not all blocks are like this, just some and that is why you need to look.

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      If the gasket is installed backwards oil can leak out of the camshaft .


      • Dennis
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        Now that would be very obvious if the gasket was backwards. It would be more than just a small leak.

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      I did it once and just a small piece of the gasket was showing on the camshaft side of the engine . It did leak quite a bit . Norm


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