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motor balancing attempt with pics

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  • motor balancing attempt with pics

    First of all this was not my attempt
    What can you knowledgable Model A guys tell me about this attempt to balance this A motor ?
    here are the facts:
    - The motor has only about 5 hours on it after rebuild and balanced.
    - no matter the positioning of the flywheel in relation to the pressure plate it would shake the fillings out of your teeth.
    - using a fairly accurate kitchen scale, which only reads in pounds and kilograms, the pistons with connecting rods attached
    were weighed with the following results #1 - 2.75 lbs., #2 - 2.5 lbs, #3-3.25 lbs, #4-2.5 lbs. lead had been poured into the rod fluting on # 1 and 3
    - you will see the added weights on the crankshaft which had some holes drilled into them in various locations after welding in place.
    - someone had mentioned the pistons and rods should have started out weighing within one gram of each other to get a balanced motor.
    - someone else mentioned the builder was possibly using bob wires to hang the pistons and rods onto the weight added crankshaft
    to balance the motor.
    - I have never heard that or any other method of motor balancing so here is the chance for you guru's to give your input.
    - The front babbitt was in real good shape, the rear babbitt looked good except for the thrust area which was not done properly as it had way too much play
    - The crank journals looked real good except it hung up a bit when rotating freely and started binding around 270 deg. until 360 deg. then it freed up
    again until it reached the 270 deg. area. either it has a bent crank or its out of align bore.
    - Is this motor worth saving and if so what would have to be done to fix it. ?
    - Can anyone describe in detail in laymens terms the proper procedure in balancing the rods/pistons/crank

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    FWIW:: We had a motor in that would vibrate the hell out of ya, a classic imbalance type feel. . We removed the clutch from the flywheel and started it, the vibration completely went away.
    This is not really answering your question but i thought it was mention able
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      the rod/piston assemblies are so far SHOULD vibrate.
      Pistons are balanced separately from rods, using very sensitive digital machinists scales.
      Cranks are balanced using very special highly sophisticated equipment. The crank is usually balanced separately; the flywheel and pressure plate as a unit, then mark the PP and FW to index them in case they are taken apart


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        See post 11 in this thread for how it should be done



        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
          Editing a comment
          Many of us here are BANNED incl'd me from seeing the link you posted.

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        Originally posted by Mitch View Post
        Many of us here are BANNED incl'd me from seeing the link you posted.
        It's a posting from J&M machine shop showing the special tools needed to balance the crank, flywheel and pressure plate, pistons, and rods.


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          Here's the pics
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