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  • Distributer back lash

    Could somebody explain why there is back lash in the distributer ? I would think the pieces would fit so that there is no back lash. Yes I know I am wrong but would like to explain it to me please.

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    Actually Bill, the backlash is not in the distributor. It originates at the gear on the oil pump drive and because it is a slotted rod that comes up to the bottom of the distributor, it wears. Also, that slotted shaft is also slotted on the other end going into the distributor. So, from the lash of gear drive to slotted shaft to slotted shaft to distributor is where all the lash is accumulated.
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      The camshaft gear wears also! Not the timing gear but the driving gear for the oil pump drive gear
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    The backlash is the accumulation on the amount of wear in the ends of the distributor shaft, oil pump gear and the intermediate distributor shaft. Camshaft gear teeth wear can also effect this lash, but may not be as detectable. I have timed many cars with the backlash measuring a 1/2" or more.

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      Heard of a Guy that put SUPER ADHESIVE in the distributor drive shaft slots!!---"Wunder" how that went????
      Bill Andyouthinkiamgoofy??


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        Originally posted by Purdy
        Yo Bro, It probly woodn't go no whurs ... Yer brother Purdy .
        It would be like, "SET IT & FORGET IT"--He'd have to lurn how to overhaul his distributor, "IN PLACE"---He may as well have "glued" the distributor to the head!---LOL---Or glued on the HEADGASKET ON, with his SUPER ADHESIVE--
        Bill W.


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          Moderate backlash means nothing to the operation of the engine.


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            I suppose you don't want this... The distributor shaft was a little tight btw and it did not have the hole in the top of the shaft. Maybe that would have helped. Notice the slot in the old shaft, I wonder how that got in there. For you old timers, were the reproduction shafts like that, or was that an original shaft?
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              My upper bushing has stayed well oiled just by filling the oil tube as mentioned in the owner's manual. I rebuilt it about 1995 and it's still good and snug.


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