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    In dealing with your overall Model A experience, what one particular thing has AMAZED you MOST?
    Bill W.

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    That all of ya'll have the patience for someone like me!!!

    -mechanically challenged


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      The most amazing thing for me is all the great people i have met
      4~ Tudor's
      1~ Coupe

      Henry Ford said,
      "It's all nuts and bolts"

      Mitch's Auto Service ctr


      • BNCHIEF
        BNCHIEF commented
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        Ditto Mitch plus all the knowledge and help folks here share as well.

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      I think the most amazing thing for me is just how much interest there still is in the cars, and how even some youngsters are really interested in the cars.

      Over 50 years ago I was deep into the hobby, so much that my dad would buy and dismantle only the unrestorable Model As and swap meet the usable parts, even before there was a "recycling" for scrap. We (the whole family) had the same mindset, keep or move on the parts that were salvageable. We never had a storefront, but we sometime did more business than some of those with stores.

      It does my heart good to see the cars still available, and most original parts still around, and even some reproduction parts being made as close to original as cost permits because all of us cheap bastards can't afford OEM.
      You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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        Since I got into the hobby when I was 13 I had no preconceived notions. Therefore very few suprises. Rod
        "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


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          I'm amazed at how simple an automobile can be so complicated at times :-)


          • Mitch
            Mitch commented
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            Agree with that
            a lot of things on these cars can be a pain in the ass for as simple as they are..
            They certainly are their own animal

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          I'm amazed at just how much that little pudder makes me all gitty. Never forget the first time that thing started.


          • Mitch
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            Welcome to the VFF

          • Brent
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            Thanks Mitch. Hope to run into you n Lucy in Gettysburg.

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          They're SURELY the most studied car in the WORLD, even as basic & simple as they are.
          Bill W.


          • Captndan
            Captndan commented
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            You really don't appreciate how basic and simple they are until you start working on other cars of that era.

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          Simple... none of the complicated smog stuff and how well I can almost keep up with some of these idiot drivers on streets in my neighborhood. Another AMAZED is how many people get excited when they see me driving around in my A, especially the gals and toddlers.


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            This past week our club ventured over to McCarthy, Alaska for the town's 100 year celebration. Our Model A's were on display for several days on the main street of town. I had someone come up to me and ask where they could rent one of those Model A's.

            (The town is isolated, accessible only by a toll bridge, therefore not a lot of "modern" vehicles other than the tour vans [Ford E350's] and maintenance vehicles that "live there". Although we had only about 10 vehicles there, we were in the majority. -- Note: they let us cross the bridge free in honor of the 100 yr celebration.)

            Asking me where they could rent a Model A was truly AMAZING!
            Alaskan A's
            Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska
            Model A Ford Club of America
            Model A Restorers Club
            Antique Automobile Club of America
            Mullins Owners Club


            • Dennis
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              Carl, you could make a little extra income...

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            Carl you could have been the first Model A uber driver.


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              A Man up in Oakhurst rents As &Ts to tour Yosemite Valley!!!--He sends a VIDEO, ahead of time, so you can "LURN" to drive them.
              Bill W.


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                I'm "AMAZED" whin' I take a MAGNIFYING Glass to a VALVE CORE!!!---"We're trusting our LIFE to that itty-bitty PLASTIC Ring & an itty-bitty SPRING?????---That's even WILDER than the COTTER KEY that keeps our WHEELS on!!!!
                We're all NUTS!!!---If our Insurance Agent saw us working on our cars, he'd RAISE the Rates---"SHHHHHH"!
                Dad Scared


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                  That I've done 75-80-% of the actual work myself.
                  Had friends assist with the r&r of the gas tank, reinstall rear end, and complete brake job.
                  And the Forum members who've taken the time to reply to my questions and meeting some at meets.
                  Overall a 99.9% positive experience.


                  • DaWizard
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                    Welcome to the site Loubob!

                  • Big hammer
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                    Wecome to the VFF Loubob :-)

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                  WELCOME, Loubob!!!
                  Bill Greeter:p


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                    Hi Bill,

                    Let me think for a second about the original question: "In dealing with your overall Model A experience, what one (1) particular thing has AMAZED you MOST?"

                    Hmmmmmmm !!! It happened about 50 years ago, right after I first got my Model A and I first opened the hood.

                    The former two (2) original owners over their first twenty-eight (28) years of ownership had rewired my Model A after discarding the original light switch below the steering column; they wired a push-pull light switch inside the car with a wired foot pedal type dimmer switch on the floor board all of which they wired up to two (2) new, large sealed beam headlights; they wired a horn button on the dash rail; they had discarded the pop-out switch and wired a toggle switch with no key inside the dash; and on & on & on ............... all wired with pieces of spliced, original used Model A wires ..... plus every new color electrical wire anyone could ever imagine.

                    Now ...... as far as I can remember ..... what AMAZED me the MOST was ..... after first opening the hood, all of the electrical wiring was nothing but A MAZE !


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                      I am amazed that although I came of "car age" in the later 60's and do love the muscle cars, I still would want a Model A pickup, a Model AA truck and a Model A Vicky, before I would want my favorite Hemi Roadrunner!


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                        Hi Bill,

                        In 2nd line of reply no. 19 above, I Amazingly incorrectly entered as 50 years ago .... it was really Amazingly 60 years ago ..... proof reading of one's earlier messages is Amazing.


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                          That " itty bitty" valve spring & core is the same one designed in the 1890's and fits ALL cars since the 1890's!!!! So, I guess it works. Even cotter keys/ split pins have changed more.


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                            Originally posted by H. L. Chauvin View Post
                            Hi Bill,

                            In 2nd line of reply no. 19 above, I Amazingly incorrectly entered as 50 years ago .... it was really Amazingly 60 years ago ..... proof reading of one's earlier messages is Amazing.
                            When we're this OLD, PLUS or MINUS 10 years is not a BIG deal!
                            Bro Bill W.


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                              I think "respect", for me, is a better word than "amazed". As I read about and tinkered with my Model A over the years I gained a lot of respect for the folks who designed this beauty so many years ago. It is really easy to discount the sophistication of the engineering because the technology had not evolved a great deal yet. Given what they had to work with, they did a heck of a job.

                              Example: The recirculating ball steering box in vogue not too many years ago is "just" an upgraded version of the worm and sector steering box used in the Model A and other cars of the era.


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