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Who Needs Steering Arms With Good Balls

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  • Who Needs Steering Arms With Good Balls

    I just saw this on ebay, and it looks like a good deal for anyone needing steering arms with good balls.

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    Can anyone describe what is going on?

    One Model A is bragging about getting raped, and all of a sudden someone else is offer Model A steering arms with good balls.


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      I was extremely fortunate that I sent my 1930 Coupe steering arms to Mr. Al Lapore at A & L over 20 years ago.

      He immediately called to tell me I had the 1929 arm that Ford changed where he recommended throwing mine away where he would provide a newer 1930 one for maybe $4.00.

      He also cautioned that some experienced steering arm failure because of poor welding and/or improper ball installation.

      Can't remember all details; however, a Model A steering problem with steering failure at 55 mph does not appear to be fun.

      Maybe others can add some of the Model A steering arm problems discussed years ago.
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        Forget the steering arms. I could just use some good balls for a change. It has been a long time.


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          My steering balls are a little worn and I'm pretty sure the're originals, so I think I'll just keep them !! I don't really drive to much anymore, mostly just talk about it.


          • DaWizard
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            Hey Pat, speaking of steering balls....I did an install of a Randy Gross F-150 steering box in a '29 AA couple weeks ago and it made a fenominal difference in the ability to steer that beast. It turned the normal steering into power steering! The guy told me he even parallel parked it!!

            Just a thought to any and all AA owners, that box works!!

          • pAAt
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            Wiz, that sure does sound like a very nice option. Was it an easy conversion ? Pat

          • DaWizard
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            It was as easy as pulling the steering box. This truck has a dysfunctional horn rod so pulling the steering wheel while still all in was easy. Because this was the later style steering, we left the housing in the truck and slid the box out the bottom, which helped a lot. It did take us all day but no blood was shed so it was a good day. While i was at it I installed the late '31 upper column support to take the strain off the tank. I recommend that to anyone who does not own a late '31 with the support already installed!!

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          I added one, the steering support and Gross steering box, to my May 20, 1929 Tudor and what dream to move down the road. Set toe-in correct and if road is flat, ALMOST hands off the wheel. Great when touring on long tours of thousand of miles.
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          • H. L. Chauvin
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            Always nice for Model A owners to write comments to let others know their opinions on newly installed Model A items.
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