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Made it to the into the shop

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  • Made it to the into the shop

    today, ok day, was able to get to garage and tractor to the shop so I could at least touch a little A. Sat in roadster, seats sit nice, can’t believe its been early 80’s I’ve had it and hadn’t put it in. Maybe couple weeks and can remove/seal reinstall wood so I can finish. A couple of shots one from roadster seat, hey Henry! A special ‘66 convention banner.

    Thought I’d throw one in of the original mileage of the fordor. This one the original owner died in a farming accident in June or July 31. T L Mathis ordered from Fox motors in Calhoun Ga, likely from Atlanta plant and tagged on sept 23 28. Have original tag tax medallion first 6 registrations. Was in family until late 60’s then 2 dealerships. Partial repaint, original interior.

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    Good for you Steve. There is nothing better than a little shop therapy. Cool banner
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    "It's all nuts and bolts"

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      I always feel better when I get some grease and oil under my fingernails.
      Go ahead Steve.....get dirty! . Jeff


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        I like brave men Steve! Never met you but I know courage and inner strength when I see it. So glad you are active, sharing your knowledge and sharing your experiences. Keep on trucking! All the best!


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          Jeff, I don't think he can get dirty in that clean shop ! Steve, maybe pull the dipstick and wipe it across your hands and then on your pants Always a good day when your around A's, Pat


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            It's fun to drive them, but it's also fun to work on them.
            With the crazy drivers on the road these days, it's much safer to work on them than to drive them.


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              can we trust anyone with a bigger Sinclair gasoline sign than sunny's?


              • BILL WILLIAMSON
                BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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                It's them Guys with BIG HEADS, you gotta' WATCH OUT for!!
                Dad Pinhead

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