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    HI: I'm from Northern Wisconsin and I have a Late 31 Deluxe Tudor that I have been working on for years now, when I can afford to work on it as I'm disabled now have been for about twenty years now and I can't afford to hire anyone to help me with the car but I keep doing what I can do on it. As I won't sell the car as it's staying in the family has been in the family since about 1940 or 1945 or so, around in there as I know the year but that's close enough for now I don't have any pic's of it other then pieces of it as that's all I have of pic's of it as the car is in pieces now.


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    Welcome to the VFF Reggie, I also have an A that has been in the family a long time. I am working on mine as money and time permits. If you need any advice on your project you have come to the right place. Good peeps here, so much knowledge.

    We all love it here you will too.


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      Heya Reggie, WELCOME to the VFF!!

      I bet there is someone around your neck of the woods, either one of our members, or an A club member who would be willing to aid you in your quest. Keep an eye out for PMs
      "We do not stop playing because we grow old;
      We grow old because we stop playing ...
      NEVER Be The First To Get Old!" Pilfered from the MAFC SA Newsletter



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        From your post above, the very best part of your introduction appears to be that you: " keep doing what I can do on it. "

        Concentrating on asking any Model A questions, concentrating on rendering any Model A responses, and knowing that this VFF Forum has lots of compassionate Model A people, this combination tends to keep all of us in mental and physical shape.

        I am not an MD ...... however, if you explain and ask your doctor friend what he thinks, he may agree that you have just hit the Jackpot.

        Everybody here is pulling for you.


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          Hi Reggie, where are you located? I had my A in Cable area, but moved to the Twin Cities a few years ago. I have been a member of the Twin Cities Model A club, and I know they make a swing through the Hayward/Cable area almost every year. Let me know where you are and maybe I could make a swing up there sometime when my wife heads out of town and help out. What would you like to get done next on your A? I assume since it's in pieces maybe we could take some of the stuff back and get help from members in the Twin Cites, then return them for installation in your car.


          • DaWizard
            DaWizard commented
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            See, THIS is what I'm talkin 'bout!!

            Thanks for steppin up hook!

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          Welcome to the VFF! I meet the nicest people on this forum. . Jeff


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            Welcome Reggie to the VFF!

            All for one and one for all
            2 1930 Tudors

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            "It's all nuts and bolts"

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              Hi Reggie. Are you Reggiedog on another Ford forum? If so, I always enjoyed your posts there. If not, then welcome here anyway.
              It sounds as if you enjoy your project. Did you take the car to pieces? Had you driven it before it was dismantled? It sounds like there is an interesting story here about your family car if you care to tell it.
              SAJ in NZ
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              SAJ in NZ


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                Welcome and we are here to help with ANY question you may have.


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                  Welcome to the group Reggie, you will find there are a great bunch of guys on here as they say "keep trucking" disabilities are no fun (have a few myself) but you gotta be positive and keep trying. When you can take a inventory of what's needed to complete your project, post a list and I will see what I have available in my garage, I don't have a lot of stuff but I will ship you any parts I can - free of charge to help you out.


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                    I haven't been able to work on my car for over 2 years now. As the frame still needs painting as it's all primmed and all but I can get that out as it buried as I have a bunch of junk from my kids that's in the way to even get to it, I'm hoping sometime this August I can at least get that done. But who knows that can change also as all of that was suppose to be gone in May but he couldn't move out at that time, So I'm NOT going to hold my breath on any of this as it always changes to where I can't work on her.

                    Plus the car itself is in the way. Of the frame but that's on wheels and when I want to work on her something always comes up where I can't so who knows if I can or will be able to dig it out this year or not I'm hoping as I have allot of stuff I want to get done on her.


                    • Bobm90
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                      OK one thing at a time, move or get the stuff out of the way. 1. your kids can do it or 2. the scrap man could be called or 3. their stuff could be relocated to outside the garage under it's new temporary home which I call a "blue tarp". I personally have used the Blue Tarp method and it works well, if the stuff is worth keeping they will get it if not then use option 2 . You should have the right to be able to move around in your own Garage, make it a Fathers day gift request with a dead line of the not to distant future if they know how important it is to you they will act, or resort to option 2 .

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                    Good thinking Bobm90. I know of so many people that store stuff for friends or family. Once it's out of their way and in yours, you can't get rid of it. Blue tarp solution..... I like that!


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