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Early 1928 Open Cab Pickup Owners...

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  • Early 1928 Open Cab Pickup Owners...

    Please contact me at

    I have a few questions to ask you.


    Steve Plucker

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    While I sold my late May/Early June open cab 10 years ago, I may still remember enough to help. I did alot of research while finding correct parts, so knowledge may be able to answer some questions. Rod
    At some point in time standardization was a creative idea.


    • Mitch
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      Maybe we can all learn from the questions and answers being posted here unless it's a secret

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    No Secret here...I am getting close to publishing Part 2 about the production numbers of the Model A "Light" Commercial cars/vehicles.

    The evolution from the very first Open Cab Pickups to about May/June 1928 is the period that I am wanting to know about. There were some changes in the cab/bed then cab and bed.

    Also trying to get a close date for the introduction of the CCPU. Not much info on that one.



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      Firewall date was 5-31-28. Engine number 154739. Left hand brake and early style cowl panels. Left mounted spare on still the wider style of early front fenders. Bed was missing, remnants of rear fenders were beavertails. Script springs, 5 brush powerhouse. Starter had been changed to 4th style, so may have had the DR drive. Windshield missing, so no clue on finger pulls. Rod
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      At some point in time standardization was a creative idea.


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