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  • Steering

    I am going to install a Randy Gross steering conversion in my 31 Tudor as soon as it arrives. I know his instructions will be complete and understandable. If anyone has done this is there any special tricks or tips you can add. Thanks

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    I've installed one and had problems finding center on lock to lock. I gave up and called Randy. He set me straight. No pun intended. The only "tip" I can give is have his number handy just in case.


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      In my opinion rebuild a 2 tooth original steering box with a shorten pitman arm and a good front end and you will have no problems with your steering. also make sure your tire pressures are correctly.

      1928 speedster
      1929 closed cab p/u
      1930 standard roadster
      1931 deluxe tudor sedan
      1967 ss/rs conv.camaro


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