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    Terrible disease, my MIL has 6th stage Alzheimers and we care for her, 93 and 6th stage ALZ... so hard you can't imagine. You just watch them deteriorate and go


    • Jeff/Illinois
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      There was a local man that owned a Standard gas station in a nearby town, since he came back from the War. Everybody went to Dave for service and such he was a super nice guy. A U.S Army combat veteran

      After he developed Alzheimer's in the late 1980's early '90's, these same customers were coming in and ripping him off like you wouldn't believe, stealing him blind. He died penniless and was in debt due to these individuals.

      And this was a small farming town of 800 people where everybody knew each other.

      It's a wonderful country that has evolved today, ain't it.....................
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    • slammin
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      There is a special place in hell for sub-humans like that.