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    how are the interior panels installed on a roadster P/U? Are the screws exposed? Just got home from vacation...lots of parts on porch. Lot of posts on here to catch up on and lots of work to do on truck....dammit I'm behind on everything!!!

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    Vacation will do that!! Welcome back, now get to work!!
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      Thanks, Wiz!!


      • Mitch
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        Welcome back!

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      Thanks WebMaster!


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        Well .............. don't be surprised if a few eager Senior Model A owners ask for your exact street address, and how to get there ..... heck, I mean, where in our USA today can a Model A owner return from a vacation ............ and find that after being gone, that he has ........ "lots of parts on the front porch"!


        • Beauford
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          I live in "the sticks" and have video surveillance. I left the key in the running chassis parked outside and tarped. I'd love to see someone try to start it these days or unfamiliar with old tech. That would be a funny video!!

        • Mitch
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          Maybe one of us will come over and drive it away. Just don't shoot

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        Be careful if you do.....remember I rebuilt the brakes. LOL


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          DON'T worry, Bueff, thieves only steal COMPLETE, DRIVEABLE cars---
          SA KDad


          • Beauford
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            Oh he will go....wanna run for pink slips? LOL Wait...we don't have pink slips. How about frame or engine etchings?

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          The panels in the RPU are held in with barbed nails into sockets that are snapped into the holes in the inner door panel. The original sockets were metal, but the new replacements are plastic. The nails have slightly domed heads and are painted black.

          Eastern Connecticut


          • Beauford
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            Thanks Tomany. I see Lebron Bonney sells something like that but they are screws.

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