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  • Used Model A Parts at Auctions

    Don't overpay for used parts at auctions. They are a gamble, and I'm not good at gambling. There's usually a good reason the part still isn't being used on a car. I bought this block at an auction about 20 years ago, thinking it would be good. I never saw the crack until I had it magnafluxed. Just gotta love people who use plain water.

    Crack in Valve Chamber.jpg

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    A little JB weld will fix that right up. Then add technician in a can to the cooling system and your good to go
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      Sellers ain't STUPID, they sell the JUNK & keep the GOOD stuff.
      Bill W.


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        Right you are Bill.

        I know a particular guy who is into the '41 to '48 Chevys. He buys the cars, strips the premium parts off, replaces with not so premo parts and sells the car for as much or more than he paid for it.

        I'm glad I'm not into Chevys.
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          Some people never learn not to overpay at auctions. There was a guy in this area that seemed to have a motto of buy it all when it comes to A parts. It was always fun to run him up and drop it on him. One day at an auction was an A engine in a Ford crate. The true story of the engine was not told, but he and two others seemed to be convinced it was a never ran Ford rebuilt engine. He bought it for over $1200. After dis-assembly he found it had 3 large cracks and was not even repairable. Turns out the engine that came in the box was put in a Gleaner combine and was sold many years prior and the engine in the crate was the engine that was removed from the combine. It was worth a good laugh as the guy was not a well liked man. Rod
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