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Installing Rear Wheel Hub Seals. Dont Let Me Be Stupid.

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    Installing Rear Wheel Hub Seals. Dont Let Me Be Stupid.

    I'm installing rear wheel hub seals right now and I have a question. I searched the Chassis and Powertrain tech areas, but no luck. Maybe I'm too stupid to do an efficient search??

    How deep do the seals sit?
    Seams simple enough... most cars have a ridge to seat the seal against, but not in this case. This makes for no hard stop for the seal and I'm concerned that I'll install the seal crocked or jam it up against the bearing.

    Maybe I could place three spacers between the seal and the bearing, then remove the spacers when the seal is seated. What are you guys doing to make sure its straight? If the seal is crooked it will wear prematurely.
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    Seat it just far enough to get the seal retainer in the groove.


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        Originally posted by Bob C View Post
        Seat it just far enough to get the seal retainer in the groove.
        That doesn't assure that the seal is straight, since I cant pull the seal back up without damaging it.


          This is a good tool to have. It perfectly seats the seal just below the snap ring groove. If you go down to far the bearing can rub the seal
          It's better than using a socket or a block of wood etc. I always pack the spring groove on the seal with grease so it does not pop out on install
          If using an alternative method be careful not to dent the seal

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            Thanks Mitch, I was unaware of this tool. This is the solution of course. Since my seals are already in, I'll have to set them evenly another way this time...
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          • Bob C
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            Probably to small for the AA.

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            Mr Bob - the worm drive AA has to have seals go in from the inside. - i had to make a tool that mimmicks the one linked. and use a 6ft 3/4" pipe to drive it...I bought an extra pair of seals because if you THINK you boogered it up on install drive it out and try again. Only way to know if you boogered it is once its assembled and the oil is put back in...