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We Made it.. The Model A Museum on Display!!!

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    Congrats to you and Val, Mark! Two big highlights of being at Gettysburg, apprentice judging in fine point undercarriage, under your tutelage and fine example of Vals superb auto (even the ensuing two fractured ribs due to brittle cancerous bones). And meeting the owner, operator of this mighty fine VFF, Mitch! My hats off to you all! Thanks for all you guys and gal, due to contribute to the Finer points of Aing!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Congrats on a superb job! Looking forward to our trip to the museum this summer.


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        I hope to make the trip one day while your car is still on display. Thanks for sharing this excitement & milestone with the VFF
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          hey for those that asked, Here is the final curb display of the Roadster!!


          • Mitch
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          Looks good. Depending on how things go, may make it there next spring. Any word on how progress is going on the Gleaner Combine display? Donated some parts for it a while back. Wish I would have had more to give. Would like to wait to visit after its completion. Rod
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            You know Mark, I am a bit disturbed by this. I get about 25 different newsletters from all over the world and more than a few have pictures and accolades for the donation of the personal collection of deliveries, but not one mention of the roadster.

            I'm not sure how the museum deals with vehicles but I think the advertising should be broader to encompass more than just a donation. I am elated that your and Val's efforts have been brought to light, that is a beautiful roadster...

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            • Mitch
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              Is there a news letter type thing that I can get from the museum periodically?

            • DaWizard
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              I don't know, all I get are newsletters from individual clubs.