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Anyone need a wiring diagram...

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  • Anyone need a wiring diagram...

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      thanks Mike, here is the actual pic. click to enlarge


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        I added Mikes pic to the sticky
        thanks guys
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        "It's all nuts and bolts"

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          EVERYONE needs a wiring diagram, would you go on a trip, WITHOUT a MAP?
          Bill W.


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            Originally posted by tbirdtbird View Post
            thanks Mike, here is the actual pic. click to enlarge
            I like that pic better. It's easier to read for us simple folk.


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              Is there a diagram of the wiring harness forward of the firewall? What wires go where?
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              12 VDC wiring
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              Can anyone out there know what changes are necessary to the attached wiring diagram if wiring the A for 12 VDC Neg ground?
              Is there a 12 VDC wiring drawing available?

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              Hi all,

              The restoration continues... does anyone know where I can find a complete vehicle-wide 12-volt wiring diagram? I've been searching all over the web and I've found several parts of the info, but not a complete one and a couple conflict with one another. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.

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              1926 thru 1927 “improved car” wiring diagram
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              FWIW, a site I stumbled across.

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              Model T Wiring Diagram
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              Van Pelts distributor wiring diagram WRONG
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              I have been told that the Van Pelts and other 1933-36 v8 spark plug wiring diagrams are WRONG. The physical locations of the wire connections are WRONG but will be 90 degrees out of phase.. Spark plug wire should be plugged into the molded numbered sockets regardless of their physical locations on the end plate..
              I guess I was the first guy that ever tried to use these diagrams....hard to believe!...
              04-08-2018, 01:09 PM
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              Cutout Wiring
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              When I started to work on my car I was informed by some of you that my cutout wiring was wrong. Does it look correct now? Both before and after pictures attached. Hugh
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              I am planning on rewiring my car and have a question regarding which wiring harness to use. I currently have the hidden turn signal kit with the switch mounted on the shifter, utilizing the cowl lamps as the turn signals and would like to keep it this way. Which wiring harness should I get to keep this set up this way? I purchased the one bulb with cowl light, but I'm questioning if this is correct....
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              Model A Lights Wiring
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              I wiring my lights in accordance with the standard wiring diagram. This diagram shows that the light wiring harness gets its power from a connection to the generator. I put an inline fuse in the connection line. Now, when I close the kill switch, the lights immediately come on.

              I am wondering if it would be advantageous to wire the line to the ignition switch. Close the kill switch,...
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