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  • The End of the Trail ??

    Alright, here's a story from a few days ago in my town: i went to a garage sale, and the guy had a large assortment of tools, so i was paying for the tools i bought, and we get to chewing the fat, so i mention my Model A, so he says he recently lost a friend was 97 years old, and used to work on Model As, until his passing. So the guy i bought the tools from gives me an account of this 97 year old, who was born in Oklahoma, and worked for a company all his life, and was very thrift all his life, and ended up being a millionaire. Well then he tells me how he'd go over to the 97 y.o. house and every time he saw him, he was working on his Model A, sanding the underside of his fenders, rebuilding his brakes, or some other repair or improvement. So this guy say's to me "why this old guy would be doing all his own tinkering, when he had all the money, to just hire someone to do the work for him, and end up with a wonderfully restored car" So isn't this just a tale of the importance of the process, rather than just a possession at the end of the trail. We at the Forum know...right?
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    You hit it on the head I cant imagine moving my recliner out to the garage and sit and admire my fine point car day after day, but to each his own.


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      It's a wonderful experience to have a piece of perfection in your life: it may be a wife, a child, an antique car that you brought back from a heap of rust, anything that you contributed to and made the best of the situation that could possibly be made. We all have found ourselves in something of a pickle that we did not make, such as the draft, or that we did not anticipate, such as buying an antique car that you should have passed on. It's the process that purifies and the result that one can justifiably and quietly be proud of.


      • BNCHIEF
        BNCHIEF commented
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        I am still working on myself and there is a long way to go.

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      BNCHIEF commented
      Today, 02:14 PM

      "I am still working on myself and there is a long way to go."

      Not me!!!! I'm already there!!!

      "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


        BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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        I'll be "THERE" when my ANTI-PAIN-PILL & COFFEE, "kicks" IN---LOL

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      ah yes those delightful pain pills and coffee!


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        End of the Trail? Maybe because of no more challenges?

        Thanks for sharing such a powerful "electronic" lesson to learn from this 97 year old Model A guy whether he had millions, or only had only (5) cents to his name.

        I just received a new type of education about recent hearing studies from a hearing specialist who described recent senior hearing loss studies, not just about sound "tones" penetrating the aged ear drum; but also about detailed more complex "words and phrases" transmitted through our "electronic" connection between our senior ear drum and our senior brain.

        It was determined that when our brains are at rest, such as in retirement, and not challenged while working math problems, economic situations, mechanical solutions, etc., our brain can continue to hear sound ...... however, our brain slowly loses its ability to interpret words and phrases. It was also determined that a non-exercised brain also results in our loss of being able to perform physical activity.

        No doubt, for the aforementioned Model A guy, Model A Restoration and/or the maintaining of a Model A was a true challenge for him ..... and still is a challenge for all of us.

        From past experiences, there may be about a 99.99% chance that this 97 year old gentleman's "retired" peers in there mid-60's to 99, grabbed a rocking chair or couch, were and still are in some type old folks home, all lower wrapped in fully loaded diapers while sitting in wheel chairs, staring at the floor while the TV is on so loud, even the nurses do not know who in this group farted.

        But, how can we look at ourselves in a positive manner as Model A Forum members, all helping one another with challenging questions and answers?

        Appears when the senior brain is dead in old folks homes, past experiences show to expect nothing but wheel chairs, fully loaded diapers ..... and don't forget about our caring nurses' detection abilities in the room with our extra loud TV music.

        In my humble opinion, in following the wonderful captioned 97 year old's lesson, lets all try to continue to challenge our Model A Forum friends with questions and answers ..... we really have a job to continue to do.


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          Yup, well said. Thanks


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            To add to #6 above, an important feature I was told by this same mentionned audiologists was that they found that in monitoring idle retiree hearing progress, they were able to correct senior "hearing/ understanding" by incorporating "challenging" computer games and brain teasers into the lives of these seniors.

            For example, their brains were later becoming exercised to where they could much better hear/understand what was being said on their TV's, in movies, and also begin to hear/understand the words of new songs on radio or TV.

            These retired seniors began to like the challenge with the computer games ...... plus they enjoyed the challenge to try to listen more attentively to words and phrases on TV and/or radio.

            In reading about this wonderful 97 year old senior at "The End of the Trail?", maybe we should also consider that there is more to this new VFF Forum than just recommending spark plug gaps and adjusting timing ....... it is also a sincere group of "Giving Type" Model A people .... earnestly "giving" their time for Free to try to help other Model A people in more ways than we could ever imagine.


            • sunnyorm
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              Absolutely!! Love this forum!

            • Mitch
              Mitch commented
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              You're a good man Henry. Thanks for all your Model A insight

            • BNCHIEF
              BNCHIEF commented
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              This is a nice place to be and you have been a big help for sure.

            • sunnyorm
              sunnyorm commented
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              H.L. Chauvin, your post reminded of an article i recently ran across on the net; Some researchers have discovered in experiments with Alzheimers patients, that, when exposed to music from their past, they are brought back to recognising themselves.

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            Per above 8.4, recently, lots of research articles about music therapy for us seniors is being written.

            Brain stimulation with playing or listening to music is more than ever compared to similar brain stimulation exercises associated with mathematics.

            As far as us senior Model A folks, we all know that our Electronic Battery Chargers work on Model A batteries that are not dead ........ yet!

            Similarly, none of us here on VFF are dead ................. yet.

            Model A questions and answers are known challenges ..... why not ask a Model A question or add an answer and electronically recharge our batteries.

            Not convinced yet ......... here is just one recent written paragraph on brain neural connections and music:

            "Research has demonstrated that music and rhythm affects multiple areas of the brain simultaneously, and the brain that engages in music is actually changed by that engagement.

            Music can help build new neural connections in the brain through experience and exposure, thus improving rehabilitative potential and the ability of the brain to “rewire” itself after trauma or injury, allowing individuals to lead more productive and functional lives."

            When working on our Model A's, what the heck, who wants "The End of The Trail?" with limited brain stimulation ..... let us add music and turn our radios "ON" ....... heck, lets just go all the way!


            • sunnyorm
              sunnyorm commented
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              Oh yeah, that's what i'm talkin about!
              music to my ears!
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            Age is an attitude.
            Good enough.. Isn't.


            • DaWizard
              DaWizard commented
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              "Just because I have to grow old, does NOT mean I have to grow up!"

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            My soon to be 90yr old Father in Law said “ getting old isn't for sissies!”
            ​​​​​​ Jeff
            Twiss Collector Car Parts


            • JDupuis
              JDupuis commented
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              BTW, he's still building a 29 AA with Brantford cab.

            • pAAt
              pAAt commented
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              Geez Jeff, you'd think he'd have it done after 90 years !! He sounds a lot like me

            • JDupuis
              JDupuis commented
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              Took him 16 years to do his 1928 AR
              He was also born in 1928.

            • pAAt
              pAAt commented
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              Sounds like you have a fantastic Father In Law and did you acquire your taste of the Model A from him ?

            • JDupuis
              JDupuis commented
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              Yes, from my f-i-l and another mentor who turns 89 this summer.

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