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Connecting rod cotter pins

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  • Connecting rod cotter pins

    Dropped the pan yesterday and found part of a cotter pin. Checked the others and found two more ready to self destruct. An 1/8" is to small and 5/32" to large. Correct size is 9/64". Impossible to find that size at my local hardware store. Ended up having to buy 100 for $9.95 with $17.00 postage! Please don't make me feel bad by posting a source for 50 cents each! By the same token, if you need any, PM me as I'll have 92 left over. Thinking that Henry may have made these.

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    Couldn't find any for 50 cents each but was able to find them for 14 cents each with free shipping.
    On a side note the Ford parts book shows 3/32" for rod and mains, seem a little small. 72009-S and 72016-S


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      Could have gone with NyLok nuts.............................................. ....
      Paul in CT


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        I'm always concerned by the Rod Bolt being forged as a part of the ROD! Does that cause concern for ANYONE else?
        Dad Sleepless


        • 2manycars
          2manycars commented
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          I have seen them stretched to where the thread count is off. I was amazed they did not break.

        • George Miller
          George Miller commented
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          yes I do not like that being part of the rod, how many times have they been miss used.
          Last edited by George Miller; 05-18-2018, 08:19 AM.

        • carolinamudwalker
          carolinamudwalker commented
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          This was the very reason that I went with AER for my rebuild. There is nothing on the inside of my engine that is 90 years old. It never made any sense to me to measure something in thousands of an inch and then put a castellated nut on. I know, I know it has worked for 90 years.

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        Picture an M.G. engine, upside down on an engine stand, with pan still off. Just rebuilt with REPRO parts. "CLING", something hit the roof, like a BULLET! A short while, then ANOTHER! Rod bolts were snapping, like POPCORN!
        Ron found some Ford Falcon bolts that fit & next day the car was zipping down the street. WEIRD things HAPPEN!!!


        • 2manycars
          2manycars commented
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          Good greif!! and I rev my supercharged MG motor to 4 grand.

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        Ron worked on "everything" & had many GREAT Stories, about his experiences---I lurned SO MUCH from him & from MANY other "STRANGE" Mechanics!!
        Dad Strangealso


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          If you’re really concerned use safety wire.


            BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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            Mechanics' Wire or Baling Wire??----LOL
            Once Chief gave me HALF a roll of Baling Wire, I wuz popular with every Shop Owner, in the area, some used it for Welding Rod, even! It wuz GOOD Stuff, wound tightly, without BREAKING! Anytime they overhauled a Hay Baler, they discarded any wire that was left in it. A new roll must have been a MILE LONG!!!
            When Chief & I were overhauling Cotton Picker Heads, we'd save the Old Heavy Duty Chains, for spares, for our Indian Twin powered 3/4 Midget. I could tell you STORIES & STORIES about it & BORE you to TEARS!!!!
            Dad Farmerfixit
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