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Getting closer to an AA ride !

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  • Getting closer to an AA ride !

    Hoods repaired with a 1/4" pipe nipple (My Lathe, mill and yes hand grinder sure came in handy on this project !) and it will be sandblasted along with fenders, aprons, and radiator shroud tomorrow. Then enamel primed right after that and then the next day minor repairs made. I hope we can get them painted, early next week, so I can get the cab and box mounted on Memorial Weekend. ( I guess I only need the splash shields ) Hardware is coming in from Brattons and Snyders to tie everything together. Rust911 is making its way here also. Tank seemed good, but will get some 911 along with the engine and radiator. I was going to use it on getting my hood apart also, but that job is done. 6 quarts of 600w and radiator hoses also made it here today, along with my grease fittings. Tic Toc time is drawing near for a scenic drive to the coffee shop, before the snow flies again !

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    keep it going.


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      Looking good Pat. You’ll be able to haul tons of stuff back from next years workshop in that.
      I'll start accumulating more stuff
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        Sandblasting done and primmer is on ! Tomorrow minor touch ups and a lot of sanding by me , but that's how you learn body work Joe says There is one picture of the sandblasting room, can you spot it by chance. Pat


        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
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          YOOO GOOO Pat ..keep the pedal to the wood...

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        ooh beautiful! Do mine next! haha. You got all the lacing/webbing and such to mount said fenders and cab?


        • pAAt
          pAAt commented
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          I have all but the fender welt, but that should be here tomorrow SS. Getting excited as all get out !!

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        hey pAAt, really good progress, very happy for you!


        • pAAt
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          I see you chugging along at a pretty fair pace too ! That's why I had to stick it in high gear !! I don't need to be beaten by a glorified panel truck

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        Others in our hobby are the one's who move each along.


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          Good for you Paat looking good.


          • pAAt
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            Chief, 8 hours of block sanding and using a flexable 16" long block for the fender curves. Arms and back are in need of some sympathy from the wife Then another coat of enamel and 3 coats of primer. Will be taking parts outside to bake one the sun for a couple weeks. Then more light sanding and paint.

            Decided to paint fenders and all parts Rock Moss Green. Then I'll have someone pinstripe some gold designs. To many green with black fender trucks out there, plus we have enough paint left over from the cab to do it all.

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