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1930-31 Coupe Quarter Window Wood

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  • 1930-31 Coupe Quarter Window Wood

    Hello guys, I am trying to rebuild some of the body wood on my 1930 coupe. I do have some rotten pieces to use as patterns. I will be using the inside of "C" shaped units as my point of reference or "face", to measure, cut, and shape the backsides, once I get the pieces mortised, glued and joined together. Is the inside "face" of these "C" shaped units completely flat or not? I will appreciate any help with this project, it is a challenge but I'm having fun with it.
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    Kyle R
    Holt, MI

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    Which numbers reference what pieces your talking about?

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      1566 is the quarter window assembly. It is three pieces of wood joined together. Once I join them, I will cut out the shape on my bandsaw. The "back side" next to the body will need to be filed and sanded down to fit. With my rotten pieces I cannot determine if the "face" side is completely flat or not. Thanks, Kyle


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        Maybe a better way to explain my question.....from what wood I have to work with, it appears the three pieces that are joined together start out with the "face" all on the same plane. Does any shaping need to be done to the 'face' or does it remain flat.