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    I saw this oddball intake at the Kansas City national meet almost 20 years ago. The owner said he bought it at an auction just north of Minneapolis. I wonder if it did any good for the owner, as far as fuel economy or power?

    A double donut intake............was it a police car option? LOL

    Manifold Double Donut.jpg

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    Here is another odd manifold, which Quickchange from New Zealand posted the picture back in 2011. He said it takes the regular Zenith carb and is documented to give 36 MPG. I would think any carb or manifold that could give a Model A 36 MPG would have sold like hotcakes.

    Manifold Odd 36 MPG.jpg


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      That first pic is for "CIRCLE" TRACK Racin'----:p
      Bill Dizzy


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        Figure eight?, Your on it Bill.


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          The figure 8, I think would have been for more power! With the firing order 1,2,4,3 say 1 intake the air charge going to 1, then 1 closes the charge could continue to move in the circle, and then 2 intake air charge would still be moving and enter 2. On the 4 to 1 the charge would have to cross over like in 8 racing. My take, wonder how balanced the power between clylinders would have been ?
          The other one would definitely been for economy, either heating up the charge or hot gas air entering the engine. Smokie Unick made a car that run with preheated intake charge like somewhere around 350* F, think it was a 4 clylinder pontiac Fiero


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            Not sure if you would consider these odd, but they sure are rare. These are on the front windows of my 29 Blindback Fordor. The fellow I bought the car from said they were on it when he originally found the car beside his buddy's garage. While he was restoring the car he took the vent shades down to Snyder's Model A parts and they said they never saw a set before. They are metal-that's about all I know about them. I believe I posted pics of these a year or so ago in another chat room. Has anybody ever had or scene a pair of these before? Smitty
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            • Rowdy
              Rowdy commented
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              I had a set of these for a tudor sedan. This is when I was loading up a tudor body from an old farm site. Thinking they were pieces from a heating stove that was close by I tossed them aside. Hind site 20/20. Bad move on my part. Rod

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            Ya know, I seem to remember those in a J.C.Whitney catalogue in years past.
            You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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