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  • Some what model A

    picture of a 4 port I made a few years back. It did good at the hill climb years ago. It had a model A engine with a high compression head, high lift cam and 4 intake ports.

    This same car has my home built over head now.


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    What it looks like now

    \ IMG_2104.JPG
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      I think we need more detailed photos of these two remarkable engines.
      Eastern Connecticut


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        IMG_2103.jpg Here is another picture of the other side


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          Just had it out for ride, nice temp, and a nice ride. it just cruses at 65. but it does have a F150 4 speed over drive transmission.


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            Whew, very nicely done George, very sweet!
            You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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                one more 040.JPG


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                  Love the nose on your hill climb car, beautiful 56 chevy in the background of one of your photos as well.


                  • George Miller
                    George Miller commented
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                    The 56 chev is just like my first new car and it does have my original hood ornament

                  • BNCHIEF
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                    That is pretty cool George along with the other nice stuff in your garage.

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                  Very impressive fabrication work. Congratulations!
                  Eastern Connecticut


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