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    What was your MOST nerve wracking: & tedious: part of doin' your car?
    Bill Curious

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    Right now it is the rear body panel for the delivery. Bottom 5 inches were almost non-existant. Add to it the fact the panel and stiffeners are bent right at the beltline on each side. I have made a jig for straightening the stiffeners and am saving pennies to get the tanks for the torch so I can heat them in the places needed and shrink them in a few places. I salvaged and pieced out a tudor body last year and kept the rear seat support to correctly set the height as I weld in a full width patch. Nerve racking as finding a replacement rear panel for it would be near impossible to find. The stiffeners are the same shape as the tudor, but made differently. Rod
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      Removing 9 broken head studs... that was nerve wracking! The biggest relief was at the end checking the last stud for fit and not having to thread insert a single one.
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        When I purchased my car ;-(
        I was 1 1/2 hours from the man I purchased it from and 1 1/2 hours from home. The car quit running what the heck do I do? Step back, cooled off it was very hot weather, it started up and continued home :-) Many years later replaced the ignition
        switch !


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          Body work, painting. I hate it but if you do not want to pay big bucks, you got to do it.


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            Brother Purdy,
            My Friend, Ron, was a GENIUS at blowing broken studs from CAST IRON! He used a small "special" cutting torch & when done, he could "almost" screw in a stud, without running the threads!!!
            Bro Bill


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              The most nerve racking thing for me is assembling a freshly painted restoration, you have to be so careful not to scratch the new paint. I basically sweat bullets throughout the build.
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                Tinkering with the rear brakes. I just hate tearing the rear brake assemblies apart.


                • Mitch
                  Mitch commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Hey Joe that brings to mind a shop saying we have.
                  It's called the "Pep Boys Shuffle"
                  That's when someone is unsure of how the brakes go back together so ya shuffle over to the other side and take a peek . lol

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                YEP, Son,
                If working on STRANGE brakes, take apart ONE side at a time!!---Then I "wonder"---DID THE LAST JACKASS PUT THEM TOGETHER CORRECTLY???----I'm my own WORST enemy, I "think" TOO MUCH???
                Mitchs' KDad


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                  Calling all body/sheetmetal men, Need opinions on what to do
                  by Terry, NJ
                  Today I started a Patch Panel project on my 30 coupe. It's the panel just behind the door and at the bottom of the body. I'm a little confused about what I should do. Should I cut everything off and weld the new P.P. in as I have done in the past. I never did one just behind the door, at the bottom and it's a little different. Just what do I cut out? What do I leave? And then I can always use the...
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                  I will be starting body work on a ‘29 sport coupe in the next few months, and plan to do the body work myself. I’ve had experience with installing patch panels on my last restoration, but rust is more extensive on this project.
                  Besides needing new rear quarter and wheel well panels, this sport coupe body is rusted through in several spots on the outer body curve just above the rear...
                  06-26-2021, 09:38 AM
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                  Coupe rear outer panel?
                  by Mickey
                  Can anyone tell me what kind/size screw is used to attach the TOP of the curved inner panel to the inside TOP of the outer panel? As you can see in the picture there are 6 very small holes maybe 1/16 in size to mark the location. I assume a sheet metal screw?
                  You do not have permission to view this gallery.
                  This gallery has 1 photos.
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                  Looking For ‘29 Coupe Rear Wheel Well Panels That Fit
                  by conaway2
                  I’m looking for a pair of these - Patch panels that have the correct dimples on the leading edge of the panel, the dimple on the rear where the rear subrail attaches - in addition to the three embossed ribs. All I can find online now are flat panels with only the three ribs.

                  Is there a current source of these patch panels made with all the correct dimples ??

                  many thanks...
                  03-22-2022, 05:18 PM
                • Mrtherich
                  Removable Upholstry panels attachment
                  by Mrtherich
                  I'm currently redoing the uplholstry in the car. mainly the side panels. And i'm wondering if there is a way to attach those other than nails. I prefer a way that is invisible from the outside, but is non-distructably detachable. The nails that were originally used pulled through the cardboard. and left holes, and also they were visbile from the outside of the covering fabric.

                  I'm doing...
                  03-27-2022, 10:29 AM
                • Rowdy
                  B Pillar Patch Panel
                  by Rowdy
                  Is anyone making a patch panel for the lower 4" - 6" of the B pillars? The B pillars on the coupe body are badly rusted out at the bottom. Thanks Rod
                  06-16-2021, 08:32 PM