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B Head or is it a Model B Head?

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  • B Head or is it a Model B Head?

    Sometimes people ask about a B head, but they aren't specific whether they mean the Model A high compression head with the "B" cast in it, or are they talking about the Model B engine head with the large "C" cast in it. Besides the letter cast in each head, they are very easy to tell apart by the water pump.
    The Model A head with the "B" cast in it has the regular 4 bolt Model A water pump and no coolant outlet as part of the pump.
    The Model B head with the "C" cast in it has the 3 bolt water pump with the coolant outlet cast as part of the pump.

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    When I bought my truck it had a B cast on the head. I was told that was a Brumfield head. The water jacket was cracked, so I went about looking for a replacement only to discover that it wasn't a Brumfield and that Brumfield quit making them. Settled for a 5.5 Snyder head.
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      Here is a link that Ford Garage posted in the tech section about heads
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