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  • Rear Axle Bearings

    Quick question, when doing brake or axle work, do you guys pre pack the axle bearings in grease while reassembling? Or soak them in some rear end oil of choice? they are greased from the banjo oil?

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    No they are not greased by the diff oil.. Hand pack those hub roller bearings and be careful when installing the seals. I have the 20.00 driver that sets them in perfectly. Don't put them in to far, just go enough to seat the snap ring. Pack the seal opening to the spring with grease as well. This prevents the spring from popping out on install. There is a fitting on the axle housing to grease that bearing but it's a poor way of doing it. Make sure the bearings that you are using have the supports between the cages. There are a lot of defectively made bearings out there floating around with no supports.
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    • dmdeaton
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      Mitch, what spring are you talking about? I see no spring.

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    What Mitch said x2
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      I am not sure if he is talking about the rear hub bearings or the tapered roller bearings inside of the rear end.
      Different lube for these bearings.


      • Mitch
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        Hi Dave
        True that, we could have been thrown for a loop.. : )
        Hope all is well

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      you guys got the right bearings. I didn't catch the grease fittings on the housing. Who sells decent bearings? Brattons and Snyders?


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        A modern type lip seal has a small 'garter' spring inside which surrounds the lip of the seal to assist in maintaining the seal. They are hard to see. In the process of trying to find it, you'll prolly dislodge it. I wouldn't. Just pack the recess as Mitch mentioned.

        I abandoned the grease fitting on the end of the axle tube as a way to grease that bearing years ago. It is an excellent method for applying grease all over the brakes, however.

        If you have new seals, and use a high quality bearing grease, once it is put together, there really is no place for the grease to go. It will stay in there, and really never need more. Should you have the wheel off for some reason, by all means take a look. But I would be very surprised if you needed more grease


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          Referring to the rear axle bearing zerk, seen many with a plug in the hole. Seems as though later Fords came with a PLUG! Henry must have decided it WASN'T one of his "BETTER IDEAS"---LOL---Do FAT Guys use only this:rolling EMOJI?
          He wuzn't PERFECT, either. "Wunder" if he tiped better than ME, UR did he like DOGS???
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