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  • Distributor Points Plate Date Code

    I haven't looked for date codes on distributor plates, but was looking through some of my pictures and noticed this upper plate with the Autolite symbol and a date code for October 1929. This is the first and only time I recall seeing a date code on the top plate.

    Also notice the worn insulation on the left, and the incorrect wire on the lower plate on the right. This is ordinary primary wire with stiff insulation, and will break after moving the top plate back and forth several times. You can see several strands are already broken from flexing, and it only is held in place by a few strands. The dealers have the correct very flexible 100 or more strand wire. Distributor Plates.JPG
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    In a pinch, for a plate wire, rip apart a flat extension cord, many are very soft & CONTAIN multiple strands. I use it to make jumpers & even replaced the cord on my OOOOLD Signal-Stat test light. (TIP# 19)
    Bill Soft (LAFF, it's OK!)
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      Can any one tell me what I have here. The point block is cast into the plate and not removable. Is that an original plate. The reason I ask is I need to replace the points but Bratten's says the new points don't line up with the old block. They make a new block that lines the points up but obviously it won't work on this plate.

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      I posted about this in "What did you do today that was Model A related." I'm posting here for any other A'er that might benefit.

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      You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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      OK all you know it all smart guys! (Kidding of course ). I never saw one like this, no one I know ever saw one either. Picture this; The point block has been punched (formed) from the material that makes the plate. That is odd enough, but the points are located about a third of the way around from a Mod. A plate. I matched it to a Mod. B plate and it was pretty close in regards to the B. However,...
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