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How to reproduce dome lights, lenses, etc.

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  • How to reproduce dome lights, lenses, etc.

    For some cars (model A's and other makes) dome lights, tail light lenses, hood badges, window crank knobs, etc. are not being reproduced. A good method if one can borrow or find an original is to use that as a pattern and pour a silicon mold followed by casting resin. The mold is reusable. The materials can be found at art stores with tints available for the resin. We've made knobs and tail light lenses that appear as good as the original (which is not damaged by the mold) used for a pattern.One can also reproduce (metal) parts such as the lens frames, etc. though they may need to be painted or spray chromed. It takes some practice to get the resin to appear with out bubbles, and tutorials are available on line from Alumilite, etc. One can make multiple molds to cast parts with the same tint and batch of resin if for example 4 or 6 knobs are needed. We've made 2 molds for 2 tail light lenses so the color would be the same, as the tints are very concentrated. See attached photo (reduce image for clarity) of badge which was cast in clear and then painted from the back.
    One caveate: light bulbs should be reduced wattage, etc. or placed so as not to touch the lenses.
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    How do you insure a release of the silicone from the original lens, and from the resin reproduction?
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      Check out the tutorials for process not using a vacuum chamber. The molds are just peeled away, with using mold release between mold halves as shown. We've experimented with spray mold release on the silicon mold with no detriment to the finished part, but the mold release has not been necessary with our parts except as noted.
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      Smooth-On manufactures industry-leading two-component materials such as silicone, urethane rubber, urethane plastic, urethane foam, epoxy resin, epoxy coatings and adhesives.

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